The Hounds' Cannabis Capsule Guide with Flame-On's Recipe

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    So Mr Hound and I made some capsules tonight and we figured we'd do a little pictorial guide as to how we accomplish it. We want to give HUGE props to Flame-On for all his hard work and great knowledge for this capsule recipe.....we LOVE it!! :thumbsup::thumbsup:

    First, we start with some nice ganja (in this case SNL x NH), some coconut oil and a strainer. For this particular recipe I am using 20 grams of strained bud. It takes about 22-24 grams pre-strained but I end up with almost "powdered" bud to cook with.

    Tip: Make sure your bud is nice and dry before you try to "strain" it or it will simply end up in a huge sticky mess in your strainer.

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    I try to keep the temp of my mixture between 200 and 250F for the capsules. I included several photos of how I check and monitor the temperatures during this process and I'm aware that not everyone can check their temps this way but it works well for us. I heat the oil, add the powder all on the high temp of my crockpot and then wait until the temp reaches approximately 225F before turning the heat to low. I check the temps quite often and stir about once an hour or so but with my crockpot the temps stay pretty much at about 230F with this long as I leave the top on as much as possible and keep my fooling with it to a minimum.

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    Coconut Oil

    As an add on.....I pretty much eyeball my coconut oil on a one to one basis with the powder.....perhaps a bit more on the oil side than the powder but nothing exact. ;)
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    We had issues with oil being too warm in the beginning and melting the capsules so I developed a "quick cool" method that I like to use to make sure that the mix is cool enough and also just to speed up the cooling process.

    In this case I've cooked the mixture for 3 and 1/2 hours (at the correct temp) and then poured it into a different ceramic bowl. I then take a larger bowl and place some cold water and a few ice cubes in it and "float" the smaller bowl on it, stirring to help cool the mix. Doing this makes the mix cool enough to put in the capsules within about 10 minutes.

    A tip....put your hot mixture into a new bowl instead of trying to cool in a "hot" ceramic bowl or cup or whatever it is you cook in. Ceramic or glass going from very hot to cold suddenly can crack and break.

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    Mr Hound Takes Over

    He's got WAY more patience and eye for detail than I do so he makes the capsules and does a terrific job. :thumbsup:

    He spoons in the mixture and spreads it with the card that comes with the capsule machine. There is also a little tool to help tamp down the mixture inside the capsules to make sure he gets them filled as completely as possible.

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    Put Hats On....

    The smaller side holds the tops of the capsules so once the larger sides are filled he places the tops on and puts some pressure to the top to to make everything fit together....perfectly. He then takes the top back off.

    The end result: 5 "sets" of 24 capsules.....120 total. Three is plenty for me.

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    Hats off to the Hounds!

    I gotta say that I love the tutorial and all of the pics! Those that have not tried this due to fear of failure should be pleased with this guide. It hits the nail right on the head.

    Great teamwork Mr Hound, four hands is quite often better than two... and that capsule thingee is great!

    Happy Capping

    MVP :stoned:
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    Darn you guys, I'm so jealous. I remember (many years back) from the few times I was able to get stoned from cooking, that it was an awesome stone. Nice and clean feeling, or something. Different and better in a lot of ways. More powerful too, than I could ever get from smoking, or at least it sure seemed that way.

    Alright that's it. I'm done fooling around. I'm going to thoroughly read Flameon's capsule thread, then this one again, then do it damn it. Just harvested, why not. If the shit fits wear it. Think I'll half your recipe though just in case.

    So, do you think I can get one of those machines at a drug store, or is it too much of a specialty-type thing? Empty capsules too? Where do you recommend I look for coconut oil? I suppose you could use regular butter too, or should I clarify it first? Got any tips for people who try it without the machine? For the first time in a long time I went bowling tonight with my family. 169, 172, 162. Is that OK? My 4-year-old beat my wife 2 out of 3.
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    MVP, please don't change your avatar for a while. It continues to get at least a little grin out of me every time I see it.
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    Do you guys recommend taking the capsules on an empty stomach or anything like that? Take extra vitamin C two days before? Keep one eye closed when swallowing? Anything? I'm just thinking that most medications seem to be more likely to do what they're supposed to if I take them on an empty stomach, or at least one with only a couple bites in it. Is this just me? My sister says she never noticed that. Is it more drawn out or anything, if you take the capsules on a full stomach? Sorry for all the questions, just excited about trying it I guess.
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    LOL - looking at the avatar again.
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    Hey you guys, glad you like the mini-tutorial. We were making them and it was Oscar night so we figured we'd go a little Hollywood. :D

    Opie, I don't really know about the capsule machine as far as the drugstore or Wallyworld mostly because I live and die by I don't have an idea how I survived before they were around because they are gods imo. Everything there I bought off Amazon....the machine, the capsules and the coconut oil. The only things I didn't get from them were the crockpot (Wallyworld) and the candy thermometer (local market.) Oh....and the weed, lol. :D I do know that you can buy the empty capsules at most health food stores.....we have in a pinch....and I'd guess you can get the coconut oil there as well, but that IS a guess.
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    Opie I agree with you vs your sis in regards to meds on an empty stomach. My personal feeling is that they work quicker and a little harder (depending on what the medicine is supposed to do) on an empty stomach than on a full one.

    That being said....I don't worry too much whether my stomach is empty or not but if my stomach IS full I'll usually take an extra capsule to compensate. That seems to work fine for me and comes out about the same imo in the way I feel from the capsules. If you take them and wait a few hours before eating then the high seems less affected (it's already in your bloodstream) but I haven't really found food or a full stomach to affect things too much. I DO think they take a little longer to kick in on a full stomach so that may be a factor to some folks as well. Generally the capsules take between 1 and 1/2 to 2 hours to really start kicking in. ;)

    I'm someone with a pretty iron stomach but I know from Flameons great thread that the pills sometimes can cause stomach upset in some folks so it probably wouldn't hurt to drink a glass of milk or have a few crackers or something along that line to keep that at bay if you happen to have a senstive tummy. I personally keep both eyes open when I swallow. :D
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    Taking them on an empty stomach is more effective for me.

    Also, if I take them shortly after a workout or strenuous work around the house, etc. it seems to speed absorption and give me a better kick...

    And don't worry, the AV is staying for quite a while. It cracks me up a lot, I wish I could add music to it!

    MVP :jointsmile:
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    Can someone please measure 1 gram of powered bud and tell me how many teaspoons that is?

    It's so strange because I've done this in the temperature range suggested and got very mild results. Then, I figured, what the hell, I'll just put it in the crockpot on high (which I know goes to 350F) for four hours and see what happens. This was pretty successful for me.

    However, I think I'm still not getting the results I could be getting and here are two things I've found.

    1) My oil is not turning dark green like everyone else's.
    2) Using a 1:1 oil to weed ratio seems to give me a lot more oil than everyone else is using.

    The pics in this tread make it seem like a paste and I don't have that. The last time I tried, when everything cooled, I had a layer of weed on the bottom and a layer of oil on the top, half and half. The oil was slightly green, but nowhere near the dark green I see in these pictures.

    Also, It is interesting for me that you are measuring the temperature OF THE OIL and NOT the temperature of the crockpot.

    So, you are saying that THE OIL needs to be at 230F? Is that correct? In my case, using my oven, the temp OF THE OVEN would have to be about 285F to get the oil to be 230F.

    When you added the weed, did it sizzle? I've seen others say this and mine definitely doesn't sizzle.
  17. Weedhound

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    Thanks for stopping by because I think you've made several good points I'd like to comment on. Regarding temps: Mr Hound and I learned from our deep frying experiences to measure the temp of whatever is being cooked vs oven/cooker temperature because as you already know.....they don't match! What I want to accomplish is this: at LEAST two hours of the mixture itself cooked at a temp of 225F. This is what I believe is mostly likely the majority of problems rising from people trying the recipe and not getting good results. They are measuring the wrong temperature.....they should be measuring the mixture.....not the temp around it.

    Obviously this is easier to do when you don't have to fool with things so often....opening doors or tops, changing air temps around, etc.... That's why Flameons slow cooker and a candy thermometer (available at any grocery store) work so wonderfully for me.

    The weed does not sizzle when added....when I cooked at higher temps it did but my results were never anywhere near what I achieve with this method.

    The "paste" develops partially from the cooking (it starts to become that consistency after about 2 hours) but it is also due to the fact that I have chilled the mixture and it's caused the coconut oil to thicken quite a bit as well. Those two things make the mix much easier to work with when putting in the capsules.

    AND....that's also why I recommend that little machine. Opie asked if I had any tips for making the capsules WITHOUT the machine and the answer is no. I'm terrible at that kind of thing anyway but I know Flameon had some good ideas in his thread which I will post a link to shortly since his thread is the single greatest piece of work on cannabis capsules that I have ever had the pleasure to read. :thumbsup:

    I personally measure my weed after straining it down instead of before. This may make a somewhat large difference if you are starting with a few grams with a huge stem or a bunch of seeds in them or whatever. It will make the amount of usable weed much less.

    If you think you have too much oil, then just add less. Once everything is melted and mixed i like a few pockets of extra oil floating on the mixture when cooking. That's as far as I go in measuring oil amounts. NOT very scientific but it works for me. ;)
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  19. Opie Yutts

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    I just saw this a few hours ago: GourmetSleuth - Gram Conversion Calculator

    Why 225? Everything else I've read, including vaporizing, said to cook at 350 or the weed might not get completely decarbeloxiwhatevered. Do you think it would ruin it to bring it to 350? Also do you worry about keeping the tip of the thermometer off the bottom of the bowl, like to suspend it in the mixture? Or does that matter?
  20. Weedhound

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    Hi Opie,

    I got the original recipe for cannabis caps from this thread.

    I've tried this recipe....and variations of it (including Flameons recipe) probably about 25-30 times in the last few months, looking for something that would be easy, workable, and most of all consistent. The recipe I outlined above does that for me. When I cooked at 350-375F I got several signs that I was burning my weed (not the least of which was the fact that the high was about a 3-4 on a 10 scale whereas the ones I make now are about a 7) so that's why I love the lower temps. Above three hundred my weed smelled strongly of cooking, there was a pretty good amount of smoke and lots of sections of my mixture would turn a chocolate colored

    Ive checked the weed at different points when cooking including not leaving the thermometer in but checking temps once an hour by taking off the top and checking and I've pretty much gotten the same temps (and same results) as I do when just leaving the thermometer sitting there. My understanding of those thermometers is that they measure liquid heat....but don't quote me. ;) so I trust the results of them (so far.....:D)

    My other two thughts on the low temp are that somewhere in that HUGE thread of Flame's he explains EXACTLY the whats and whys of the temperatures much better than I ever could. Lastly, when I got my mmj rec, the doctor gave me a recipe for cooking mj that she a crockpot on low temps. ;)

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