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Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by stoned88911, Nov 2, 2008.

  1. stoned88911

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    Ok so i have noticed some yellow spots on my leaves.

    I thought it was just one leaf of one plant but then noticed it appearing on more.

    E-indoor or outdoor-indoor
    E-soil, soilless, coco, aero, or hydroponic-soil
    E-specific medium
    CSL-Soil type/brand-MG,SouthernStates poting mix
    HCL-Hydro/aero/soilless system type
    SCL-Anything you have added to the soiljust did my first plant food mix(half dose)
    SCLR-Soil or slab runoff pHlike 6.8
    E-Water sourcerainbarrel or distilled (i just got calmag plus and did it for the first time today)
    E-Source water pHN/A
    HRT-Source water EC (if hydro)
    E-Age of plant-Month
    E-Type of fertilizerMG tomato food, water dissolvant
    E-Rate of application (if hydro, this is your PPM number, preferably after each component is added)-Used once
    E-Lighting source and distance from plant400Watt HPS son agro bulb, 16 inches
    E-Air temperature (both day and night if you are running a dark period)78,68
    HD-Reservoir temperature
    E-Air % Relative humidity40
    E-Lighting schedule18/6
    E-Type of ventilation your room hasplenty
    TR-Did you pre-soak your media in pH corrected solution?

    Help please. Not sure if it was from not using calmag up untill now.

  2. stoned88911

    stoned88911 Registered+

    also there in 6inch pots with gravel at bottom, im not sure when to xfer them into bigger pots
  3. Dreadscale

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    would love to help

    Hi All !!!! :thumbsup:

    stoned88911 would love to help you out on this.

    A photo or a description of spot location on the leaves would help a lot.

    Miracle Grow could be the problem, if applied to heavily.
    Also I personally would not use Miracle Grow soil of any type.

    I suggest loosing the Miracle Grow soil, for sure, and re-pot in a good quality
    soil without fertilisers added in it. Personally I use Fox Farm Ocean Forest with good results.

    If using Miracle Grow fertiliser mix to 1/4 strength, also it is missing the micro and Macro Nutes your plants need. Cal-Mag a definite plus.

    You can grow with Miracle Grow, but its much easier with a better quality fert.
    Good Luck
  4. stoned88911

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    The spots are appearing on the lower leaves, just randomly all over the leaf

    I just baught some fafard No nutrients potting soil, was gona use it along with perlite when i xfer plants into bigger pots

    Potting Soil   : :   Fafard does this look like good soil?
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  5. stoned88911

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    scrath that, i just got 5 bags of foxfarm ocean forest.
    Do i add perlite or anything to it?

    STINKY!!! WRU comment on my leaves
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