The Lucas Formula

Discussion in 'Hydroponics' started by oldbull, May 24, 2006.

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    I have been using the Lucas formula for quite a while.. Very interesting read..:thumbsup:
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    cool...another one. I'll read it. used Lucas a couple of a little more nitro' in my veggin' and you are right it does work, and it is cheap...I thoroughly recommend this for cabinet closet growers, because it keep the stem of the plant smaller and energy is concentrated more on least , that is what I observed...gone to read link, thanks lw
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    Awesome...I have read alot of articles very similar to that, but the comparison's were similar to some of the things I have tried...Love it. Great info...I had to save 3 pages off that link...

    for future reference...I am going to try the 75% or 100% top-up...whichever comes 1st. I have been letting my rez go longer than recommended and this article gave me the confidence to keep on doing what I was doing.

    less is more...
    have to check EC see how long it takes to drop EC to 75% strength with plain water top-ups...

    thanks...Great 1st post.welcome to Cdot.

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    It takes awhile because of the toxic salt that the plants give off. When I put in fresh rez it looks like purple, brown kind of. ( lucas formula ). And when I take it out in 10 to 14 days it looks just like piss yellow and almost has the same TDS. I only top up with RO water. I use more nitro to veg with too. I have small rez's but maybe a big one can go alot longer.
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    definetly LN...bigger rez, more stable too!
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    The lucas formula was created with the needs of cannabis in mind. The 3 part reciepe that GH has come up with is a universal solution. Cannabis doesn't need as much nitrogen that the GH reciepe offers. Excess N causes strecth and delays flowering. The micronutes has more then enough N in it to satisfy any MJ plant.

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