the media tells you what you like

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by riffermadness25, Jul 11, 2008.

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    aw gee, homework? but gosh, it's the weekend and that just doesn't seem fair.

    besides, i read the fountainhead years ago. then again, maybe it's time to renew my acquaintanceship with ayn.
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    It's really staggering how effective the media is...

    It ensures unquestioned, unconditional American support for a tyrannical state (Israel) at the cost of billions of dollars annually.

    It ensures that people ignore high-quality music and open their mouths for the putrid piss that is assembly line modern pop.

    Free thought, high art, philosophical discourse, etc. are all under siege. Ever notice how you have to pay extra for HBO? Almost nobody I know has it, and as a result the only programming that could be considered thought-provoking works of art are ignored in favour of MuchMusic, sitcoms, reality TV, etc. Shows like Six Feet Under (where pot is smoked constantly, various ideals and worldviews are explored, corporatism is mocked, etc.) are not widely watched, and so people stare glassy-eyed at the propaganda box, munching on the products they're told to buy.
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    The media tells people what they deserve to hear, not what they should. If the bilderberg group or the elites deicde to tell everyone what they are doing, people will go crazy, they'll panic but when they hear doing this bullshit act that has absolutely zero relevance to bettering their lives will, in fact better it, they go with it. People should pursue the truth, but most people don't deserve it; they deserve more. Reality sucks, a lot of people do their own things to get away from it and it's not for everyone. What does an upper-class business man lose from not knowing the conspiracies and the fraudulant acts that go on in the world? Nothing.

    Knowledge is power for those who seek it. A mass change in the world where the media doesn't decieve us would call for strong people who are willing to give every single asset of their lives up for what they believe should be done, but we're not there yet.
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    you guys are really getting on my nerves. a bunch of disorganized stoners bawwwwwwing on the forums about the way the world is...


    Anyone got a hippie bus? good god.
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    I reckon just be in touch with your subconscious mind & make sure your decisions come from your beliefs & not outside influenceswich go against the true you.
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    a shithead sez..."Cảm ơn thớt nhé hôm nay mình mới biết đến nó , cảm ơn nhiều nhé , đúng cái tìm bữa giờ "
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    Yep, for over half of my adult life, I was indoctrinated by the media/government. "Drug war". And then, illness came, and my adult kids were the ones who said, 'you should try cannabis .' I did, I started to include cannabis in my repertoire of plants I grew... and have never regretted it. Now I'm an advocate.
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    Salutations GardenerMendo,

    It really is a WAR; right this morning i happened to catch a replay from the October 13th "Marina Orsini" TV show on SRC:

    Tou.TV: Marina Orsini - Saison 02 Épisode 26

    « ...faut savoir que par rapport à '72 t'avais en général 1 % d'THC. Maintenant t'as toujours plus que 8 et y'a eu des saisies à 36 % d'THC. ... On va parler de l'autre effet qui est l'effet placébo... ...J'chus g'lé pis j'm'en sac'e... ... ...c'est moins addictif que l'alcool mais par contre y'a plus de goudron... »

    Here's my own translation of doctor Christiane Laberge:

    « Let it be known that relatively to 1972 we generally had 1% THC, presently it's always above 8 % and there's been busts showing 36 %! ... Now lets talk about the other effect, the "placebo" effect, like "I'm stoned so i can't care less about pain"!... It's a lesser addictive than alcohol but on another hand there's more tar/cauldron. »

    M'well, she's a "doctor" so it's OKay for her to state in plain public view that alcohol and cannabis can be compared this way (placebo, tar/cauldron)... And this is only a sample: the effects on youth brains is now deemed "cumulative" (just like radio-active poisoning i presume!), but she still wants more studies, euh...


    The more it changes the more it's the same on planet Itnoc.


    Good day, have fun!! :D

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