the most potent bud I'd had so far

Discussion in 'Cannabis Pictures' started by NteeM, Jun 16, 2007.

  1. NteeM

    NteeM Registered+

    picked this stuff up and I must say Wow, this is the most potent weed I'd ever smoked to date. I'm used to mostly northern lights, sour diesel, and lots of noname dank, but this stuff is covered in crystals and GLISTENS. :stoned:

    usually I smoke a bowl or two... took a few hits of this stuff and I looked chinese (I'm not asian) :D

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  2. Nocturnal Stoner

    Nocturnal Stoner Registered+

    coated like a mother fucker, is it a nice or harsh taste?
  3. NteeM

    NteeM Registered+

    not the most mellow taste, I underestimated it and was coughing a lot. :) the way this weed glistens reminds me of minerals on rocks.
  4. Grade A

    Grade A Registered+

    Looks like chronic.
  5. mikeo14

    mikeo14 Banned

    Veeerrry nice
  6. GDS StonerBoy

    GDS StonerBoy Registered+

    Damn dude i'd kill to be in your shoes right now!
  7. Little Boy

    Little Boy Registered+

    I applaude that bud
  8. Bongalicious

    Bongalicious Registered+

    looks amazing
  9. mute

    mute Registered+

    nice man.
    toke & enjoy.
  10. NteeM

    NteeM Registered+

    here's a macro shot of it. :thumbsup:

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  11. thNk.m0rbid

    thNk.m0rbid Registered+

    that looks like VERY VERY nice bud, i like the color :).. how's the high?
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  12. t3chyo

    t3chyo Registered+

    wow, I love how the trichromes look, looks like some wicked chronic.
  13. orangeman

    orangeman Banned

    Damn.. It looks very potent man, nice chron :)
  14. LIP

    LIP Banned

    Looks like a very pleasing relaxing smoke. With that kind of trichome coverage it probably has a slightly hashy taste after a toke? Does it? If it does it'll be subttle after the bud flavour.
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  15. Markass

    Markass Registered+

    if you get killer like northern lights and stuff regularly, it should be covered with just as many if not more crystals

    looks like a good smoke though
  16. NteeM

    NteeM Registered+

    great high, and don't need to smoke a lot to get high.

    tastes pretty hashy, not very fruity bud

    other bud does have a lot. I'll attach a pic I took of northern lights about a week ago. has many trichomes, but doesn't glisten. :hippy:

    ** attached pic is northern lights

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  17. jus4this

    jus4this Registered+

    sick sick sick. that bud looked like something id tried called sugarbear. do u know what that was called?
  18. NteeM

    NteeM Registered+

    no idea what it was called. guessing it's not "brand name" bud, but very good nonetheless.
  19. magic009

    magic009 Registered+

    look's like old man river to me or maybe a highbird dank if not then it's lassed but i would be going with old man river my self it's a preety good smoke but theres alot better any way injoy that nice looking shit peace
  20. JerryBerries420

    JerryBerries420 Registered+

    wow looks super dank

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