~*The Notorious Orange Velvet*~

Discussion in 'Cannabis Pictures' started by MzJill, Feb 10, 2006.

  1. MzJill

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    The Orange Velvet strain was previously gifted to me by a friend, whom is also a medical grower. The strain came from a local 'old hippy' in the Pacific Northwest, who has been growing it for 20-25 years.

    The first two photos were taken at 30 days flower, and the last two photos were taken at 37 days into flower!. :smokin:

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  2. MzJill

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    Here is the beautiful Orange Velvet lady at 51 days into flower. She has a very strong, rich but smooth, orange flavor.... with a very nice strong but mellow stone. As you can see... she turns beautiful deep rich colors and she always has very shiny leaves... giving a very velvety appearance. Her coloring is natural, we don't manipulate nutrients or temps to achieve this.

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  3. MzJill

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    :thumbsup: Here are a few shots of my pretty lady at 58 days into flower. You can see where she gets her name...Orange flavor & velvety looking foilage!

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  4. MzJill

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    A look at the Orange Velvet at day 63 of flower. She has some wonderful harvest colors!:dance:

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  5. kongo

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    Very nice man.Is it all organic?
    Stunning folliage colour and I can almost taste the bud.Nice backround to really stands out.Hope that helps those in need of a kind hand.
  6. MzJill

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    A female grower friend, and newest TGA member, named ToB; smoked some of my Orange Velvet bud. This is what she had to say... "It reminds me of a warm summer day, eating dreamcicles underneath the trees in the backyard. This is one of the most pleasant tastes I have ever experienced; like vanilla ice cream coated in orange sherbert." :clap:

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  7. MzJill

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    A few shots of a seeded Orange Velvet lady at days 54 days into flower!

    Orange Velvet is the mom of my strain Jilly Bean. The Orange Velvet was crossed with a select Space Queen male, aka Space Dude!


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  8. MzJill

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    Here are a few shots of the seeded Orange Velvet at 63 & 69 , seeded with Jilly Bean!

    Yes... I grow in Subcool's Organic Soil Mix... which is:
    1.5 cubic feet bags of any high quality potting soil
    2- large bales Sunshine Mix #4
    3- 25# bags organic worm poop
    5# steamed bone meal
    5# bloom bat guano
    2.5# blood meal
    ¾ cup epson salts
    ½ cup sweet lime (Dolimite)
    ½ cup azomite (Trace Elements)

    Also, FYI... I'm not a man:p

    Peace n Kindness
  9. MzJill

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    Okay I tried to post the photos in the above post & the connection failed. I tried to edited, but apparently I only have 5 minutes to do so. Although I attempted to add the photos within the 5 minutes, it failed saying I had not done so within 5 minutes. This is a feature that I can say, I don't care for. So heres a post with the photos that were meant to be above....:Rasta:

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    Holy shit. Can I just come over and hang out for an afternoon? I'll bring baked beans.
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    thoses are awsome! you make me so envious! i can only imagine how great they must taste! curious at when you put the male in with her and how long did you leave him there for? i really appreciate your posting your soil mixture. i have been looking for a good quality mix, do they only get there nutes form the soil or do you feed them anything else during the grow? thanks for all the helpful information and great pics i absolutely love your posts! keep up the excelllent work:thumbsup:
  12. jca11285

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    wow that produce looks amazing. wish i had some. later.
  13. cokekilla

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    it looks abselutely beautiful, i really wanna grow my own plant...free weed. yo smoke a bowl of that weed for me.
  14. kongo

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    Sorry sisthren lmao!

    My bad hahaha!

    I'm high.
  15. kongo

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    Those pics are worthy of The Cannabible!
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    JCA... are they sucking cock in your avatar?

    LISTEN2KMK Registered+

    i think i just "creamsicled" in my pants. great...great...wonderful fucking job. i cant even express what it makes my body feel just lookin at it. is ur opposum around to see that one? i just wanna come over and hang out with you so bad ...ive got caaanndddyyyy! peaceout

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