The Outdoor Marijuana Helicopter Eradicadation Avoidance Thread

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by FrostAie, Nov 15, 2009.

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    I have been frustrated since getting some batches pinched by the eye in the sky this last season after watching them fly in their sleek black looking copters. I have begun to look into research on how their technology works and how the pilot is trained to look to try and maybe plant the opposite. I have been guerrilla growing for a couple of years now in mostly corn fields but sloppy people (noob growers) keep putting big plots all over and causing attention which leads to more money which leads to crazy helicopters coming to my rural Ohio town. I plant very scattered with not many per field using a Garmin GPS which gets me within a couple of feet then my eyes do the rest.

    Here is a link i think pretty much sums up my hate towards the the drug war the media is there and they seize and run the the computer to show their pictures. I want to make a comment and say what is really on my mind about how they look so dumb standing there with cameras and making it seem like a plant is causing the worlds harm. Your the reason my tax dollars are waisted and my stress level raised.

    Here are few pictures

    BCI and State Highway Patrol outdoor marijuana eradication program

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    some quotes... "A typical eight-hour flight day can cost between $3,200 and $5,000 for the aircraft time alone."

    "Ohio ranked 10th in the country for number of outdoor marijuana plants eradicated in 2008, according to U.S. DEA statistics."

    "BCI’s Outdoor Marijuana Eradication Program relies upon grant dollars from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration’s Domestic Cannabis Eradication/Suppression Program (DCE/SP). This year, BCI received a $480,000 grant from DCE/SP to fund marijuana eradication efforts in Ohio. The federal grant dollars allocated to BCI for this work continues to increase, growing from $385,860 to $445,000 between 2005 and 2008."

    What do you guys think on this subject any ideas or strategies you may have

    Here is more money down the drain

    Here is a post from a helicopter forum lol some insight


    I will share some of my ideas for this year of scattering out plots with making no trails in thick brush/small tree and scattered using a GPS in corn fields of 10-15 per huge field for security.

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  2. LetsSeeYa

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    I have a question, Iv heard that the equipment used to spot plants can not be used near an airport? I never bought it, but thought id ask. We share the same flags:thumbsup::Rasta:
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    Not sure about airports but grew by a hospital that has life flight and they flew over the corn fields around it. also grew by a big tower and they seized those as well
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    Non of the links u used work, but in any case they use thermal imaging to find the plants, same reason those terroristos were hiding behind it over in the middle east, and we burned it, hope the soldiers got a good smoke atleast:jointsmile: Apparently marijuana holds onto its heat longer then most plants, and if they are in large groups u bet they'll find it if there looking for it, only idea to really get around it, space em out alot more, dont do as many, multiple sites, and pretty much places some one would never go, even a noob grower.
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    Yeah i saw on ''DEA'' where they showed this house they were going to bust from the helicopter. The thing just lite up. The guy had a nice grow going on too. Cops took all the plants of course. They said they were going to burn them. Il bet one at a time:stoned:. They smashed his lights and messed up all his equipment and they took his very nice Vet. in the garage. Then just left a note to say the cops were there. That would suck to come home too:wtf:

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    I've felt your pain. Pisses me off too, what a wate of taxdollars:mad:

    Holes in the woodland canopy have worked well. Most copters cruise open feilds and woodline edges Shallow water holds heat and warms up quick. Had luck there, but maybe just cause they aren't flying over those places
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    Pre pair your areas in the winter time. Try to go into the deepest thickest brior patches. get good sun light as well as consealment. If you spread out 30 good plants over a 1-2 square mile area. and place then under low trees wear the sun still gets to them for most of the day .Like the south east facing hillside. Your succes rate will be high. Also open areas in the middle of the woods are good to as long as they are not to big and open Nail your buckets up on the trees on the edge so you get the sun but deer wont get them .Hang on tree stands for hunting work well for this method as well. I persnonally would stay away from corn feilds. If you make it harder, yeah it is more work. but you will have somthing to come back to in the fall. The key is spread them out and leave no trail.It can be a full time job to do a desint outdoor grow....
  9. sunbiz1

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    Very nice posting, deer are a problem early to mid Spring here in the US as they wil feed on any early vegetative growth within reach. As the Summer progresses, the only further deer concerns are their trampling feet. That is easily remedied by placing a bit of fishing line at 3' and 5' heights around planted areas which discourages them without harm.

    Yep, outdoor growing can become a full time job...but in the end your quantity upon harvesting makes the job worthwhile.:thumbsup:
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    Thank you , i am an old fart and have many little , somtimes wierd things i do. i have been fighting those choppers for years . it is the sloppy ppl who draw attention. fox urine , used to cover human scent when trapping works to keep deer away. also thick area that hold copperheads and rattlesnakes will keep ppl away , just remember to wear some kind of leggings to protect yourself. i used 4" pvc pipe cut in half long ways. wrap around legs and strap together with velcro. Old stumps ones that are cut off 2-3 feet above ground work great to place 5 gallon bucket on , and somtimes you can find hollow , and just place soil into it. also try camo burlap over buckets with a slit for plant to grow through. and never leave anything behind, including finger prints on your containers, bucket handles...
  11. sunbiz1

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    I'm not that cautious, here in Illinois you can grow up to 5 plants and it is only a misdemeanor. If I get caught...screw em!. I spread out 50 plants in 10 different locations...5 here and 5 there. I use government property, no sense risking your own for possible seizures.

    5 Gallon buckets are great when spray-painted green, they blend in well with vegetative backrounds although I wish I could find 8 gallon buckets(need a bit more root space for mature 6' Indicas). They also allow for transportation in the event you have a poor growing area. Any additional camo is useless IMHO b/c the average person with the naked eye won't see a an herb plant unless they already know it's there, marijuana easily blends in with many native plants in the US.
  12. middieman440

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    i live and grow by an airport..and i have noticed that helisopters do not hover around the airport..due to safety of in/out going flights..i plant as close as i can to the airport....everythings is untouched year after year...i had to tooken last yr but that was my fault and a test at same time...the quad trails i made when i moved here have gotten tooken over by other kids and they found it..but they also smoked me up with my own bud i was like wtf..and it was a seed run also so i lost a good gene pool...

    but yes plant close to the airport you will be surprized how well they do..i do mine right on the fence line mixed in the poison ivy and shrubs....and the shrubs stay green all year good camo if done right...and also never let the plant grow untouched the eye in the sky look for tall xmas tree shaped plants not short bushy shrub plants....

    do some lst training or top it 2-3 times

    good luck hope someone finds this useful

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