the paperless joint?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by Cas, Sep 21, 2006.

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    hey all, a while back there was a documentary on comcast on demand about he '96 cannabis cup in the 'dam. it was pretty cool cuz they showed a bunch of really cool shit and looking back I remember seeing something about a paperless joint. now i know this sounds really weird but the guy got the weed to stick together using something that I can't really remember anything about. other than it wasn't paper. so have any one heard of this or what?
    i googled it and came up with this video which might be the it. although it isn't working :mad: .

    this is the only thing that I could come up with. scroll to the very bottom and read.
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    bump :confused:
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    ^No that's not what he's talking about. Yeah i've heard of these, I think you can get them in Amsterdam still. Sounds cool though, wish I didn't live in the USA. They're just made out of kif if I remember correctly.
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    there made from cellulose. its not bad for you, but it burns really fuckin HOT
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    I just checked round and this is ma conclusion.

    rolling paper made from pollen,putting the pollen through a lamenator, which forms it into a square to be used for a paper-a paperless paper.

    makes sence to me hope this answers ya question :)
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    someone should rolls a joint with hash...I mean, using the hash as the paper.
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    paper made from kif or hash would be cool cuase that would get u that much more stoned... plus no paper :D
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    no it's just transparent paper made from cellulose. looks like this. i havn't tried them but would be pretty sick to roll a j with one.

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    well what i would do is get some superglue cover ma weed in it then quickly roll it inbetween ma hands then smoke it, lol i joke...theyve sorta tried that hash paper already aint they, they got hemp papers i had some the other week alright but not much diff from normal ones
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