The real deal on your lungs and weed?

Discussion in 'Medicinal Cannabis and Health' started by sarocket13, Jan 29, 2008.

  1. sarocket13

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    Ok, so I have I heard many mixed messages. I have been smokin weed for about a year, and I have heard many opposing arguments as far as it being bad for your lungs and causing cancer. Some say that it does cause lung cancer, and that a joint is the equivalent to 20 cigs, or sumthin like that. Mostly I smoke out of a bong, which is supposed to be a lot better for your lungs, and make the hit alot more filtered? What do you guys think about this, are there are any serious risks that will develop from smoking weed. (Keep in mind, I only smoke like once a week, although on occasion more:Rasta: )
  2. Mohksha

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    I always felt like nobody really knew. I do know however that the 1 joint = 20 cigs thing is bullshit. It is equal to 20 cigs in terms of like smoke density or some stupid shit that has nothing to do with cancer. It's just propaganda. I quit smoking cigs a couple months ago when I started smoking weed heavily, and my lungs feel super clean compared to when I smoked nasty cigarettes!
  3. Nathan604

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    deffinately better for your lungs than tobacco :wtf:
  4. beachguy in thongs

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    We should start building lungs out of hemp. :smokin:
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  5. jimmy8778

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    smoke is not good for your lungs, tobbacco companies add stuff to tobbacco, thus making it less good for your lungs, weed smoking is not good for your lungs, is it equal to 20 cigarettes, no, is it equal to 1, i dont know, but all smoke=bad for lungs, its just the degree to which you will sacrafice yourself for something you like, its a decision i wasnt willing to make until recently, and i dont have a problem with it, i think the amount that i smoke will overall not affect my life in a way that something else couldnt, ever since ive started smoking ive lost 50 lbs due to dieting, and i would rather inhale smoke than be dangerously overweight. The feeling of my lungs after a heavy smoke session will pass in a day, but 50 lbs is something i have to carry with me, but that is my take on smoking.
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  6. Born To Stone

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    As far as I know it has never caused cancer, however inhaling any kind of smoke is not good for the lungs. I remember reading an article claiming that although cannabis created more pre-cancerous lesions on the lungs, these were 'pre-cancerous' and never developed into actual lung cancer. These rips in the lung also occur with tobacco smoke, but these lesions become cancerous. This is because of the radiation given off from tobacco due to the company's use of the cost efficient high phosphate fertilizers which contain the radioactive elements lead 210 and polonium 210 (for English/Russian folks, this is the poison used on Litvinenko in a much higher concentration). Anyway, for more info just search tobacco radiation on google...quite a lot of articles on it
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  7. Storm Crow

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    Click the link below...

    Scroll down to "Cancer- lung" or "Tobacco vs Cannabis" and start reading! And I do have the radioactive tobacco article in there somewhere. It is always good to look at the studies- they report facts, not suppositions!- Granny:hippy:
  8. HolyChrondon

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    1 j = 20 cigs? thats bullshit. cigarettes are so much more addictive and damaging. plus, with bud, the only downside is coughing up lugis or "lung butter" if you will. not a big deal, it doesnt cause any pain.
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  9. worm

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    I hit pipes until my lungs are full and I never really have any discomfort... to be honest it actually feels good to take a lungfull of weed smoke. Could be because I'm a smoker though, although thats something I'm cutting down on.
  10. Jay Matix

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    weed smoke is very bad for your lungs..
  11. psteve

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    No, it isn't.

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  12. UTD Toker

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    My personal opinion on the topic is as follows:
    I am only 20 yrs old but I have been smoking everyday for about 5 years and I am really not worried about my long term health for a couple of reasons. One is that the fact that if MJ has been considered a medicine since we have been walking this planet, I dont think that people would be dying left and right because of disorders or cancers caused from inhalation of Cannabis. Second, by myself I only smoke about a gram AT THE MOST a day so if you combine that with the fact that our lungs ROUTINLY clean themselves from tar I dont think the smoke is really adding up in my own situation. However if you smoke like 3 or 4 J's or blunts everyday for your entire life the smoke from the weed and the paper will probubly add up. Caughing up phlem, sore throat? Possibly. Cancer? I DOUGHT IT.

    Tar does build up in your lungs unless vaporized; don't believe me? Then just take a glance at your pipe. However just like most "Fun" things that exist, ALWAYS USE IN MODERATION. If you wanna be safe and sure, just vape and/or edibles.

    Happy Tokaging;)
  13. mseerob

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    YES IT IS!!!!!
  14. Jay Matix

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    haha isn't it funny how the same people keep arguing that WEED IS NOT MENTALLY ADDICTING/ WEED SMOKE IN UR LUNGS IS NOT BAD FOR U"

    SMOKING CANNABIS IS NOT HARMLESS!... not only are u making your lungs BLACK.. just because it doesn't cause cancer doesn't mean that it can't cause many of the same respiratory illnesses as tobacco smoke. (as weed smoke is much more dense)

    [my friend just cleaned a pipe that he'd been using on regular basis for about a year.. and he managed to get a BLACK ball of resin the size of a GOLF BALL.. just IMAGINE the nasty sticky black resin build-up in your lungs!!]

    Don't fall for the "WEED IS GOOD FOR U JUST BECAUSE IT CAN'T KILL U BULLSHIT.." your lungs aren't meant to be a chimney.
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  15. UTD Toker

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    Have you ever inhaled smoke before? Because if you have inhaled any sort of smoke, ALL of that smoke has collected in your lungs therfore your lungs are black right?
    Your lungs ROUTINLY clean themsleves or my previous statement would be true for all of us humans. You say respitory illnesses right? If I developed this what sort of long term effects would I be looking at? Just curious. Would you say my life say 30 years from now could be alot worse because I smoke a flower daily instead of drinking alcohal or smoking death sticks A.K.A. cigs? I feel relativly safe:D
  16. UTD Toker

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    ^Preaching to the chroir LIP:thumbsup:
  17. gladbag420

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    the reason you aren't worried about your future health is you are just 20 years old, most people that age aren't worried about life at 50 or later....hence all the tattoos you people get and later regret....

    there is far more tar in marijuana than in dried tobacco, but probably less pollutants, since most pot is grown without as many harmful commercial style fertilizers...

    the problem with smoke of any kind, is that it contains carbon monoxide, carbon monoxide binds to the hemoglobin in your blood, and thereby reduces the oxygen carrying c
  18. beginerbuddah

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    but dont we recyle our blood regualy
    so that wouldnt be the casue of long term illness or cancer would it?
  19. Krazysox

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    I don't know what weed does to our lungs exactly, but the fastest kid on the cross country team at my school smokes weed A LOT. I know that would not be the cast with cigarettes.
  20. Lung Cancer

    The truth is (well I'm not a doctor), but any kind of smoke is bad for your lungs. 1 joint does not equal to 20 cigs, that's just government bullshit. Cigarettes are bad because they have chemicals and other shit mixed in, that's why people get cancer with them, but bud is clean pure smoke.

    The bottom line is that, bud won't cause cancer, but it's still not healthy for your lungs.

    Anyways get all your bud delivered to your door, today.

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