the real scoop on bible paper for joints?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by ElMotero, Dec 9, 2007.

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  1. ElMotero

    ElMotero Registered+

    I was gonna enjoy me a bible paper joint earlier today, but read bad things online bout it...

    what's the deal on bible paper? does it work well? is it any worse than regular rolling papers?
  2. ElMotero

    ElMotero Registered+

    You're supposed to use the blank pages on the end that are there for notes
  3. yoda

    yoda Registered+

    I've smoked a bible-paper joint once. Didn't burn as bad as I expected it to, but there's no benefits to using it as opposed to regular papers. But it is quite difficult to seal 'em, since there's no gummed strip.
  4. Frickr

    Frickr Registered+

    just make little tears along the side your going to seal, about a millimeter long those will seal better then glew if done right.
  5. RUTBpiping

    RUTBpiping Registered+

    Whilst as an Atheist i find this amusing and it will stop your christian friends from wanting to have a toke.I would recommend buying some papers.Not to mention if you smoke the bit with the ink in it you will inhale the ink.

    But failing that as someone said here use the blank bits at the back .
  6. snowblind

    snowblind Registered+

    i made one using the blank page. to glue it i mixed up some sugar and water in my mouth and slobered it reel good. i only did it as i had run out of papers completely.
  7. Rapidfire187

    Rapidfire187 Registered+

    I used to smoke bible paper joints all the time when I was younger, they taste fine as long as you don't use a page with ink on it. And don't freak out if you accidentally smoke some with ink on it, it's not going to kill you or anything. won't kill you then anyway lol.
  8. happiestmferoutthere

    happiestmferoutthere Registered+

    Its a book, an intriguing novel as far as I can figure, and there are millions out there. It's not like your smoking God for goodness sakes!
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  9. stinkyattic

    stinkyattic CultiModerVatorAtor

    Come on people, have some respect.

    I'm not saying it's wrong or right to smoke with Bible paper, but posting about it on here demonstrates a strong insensitivity to other members' beliefs.

    Go buy some proper papers already, what are they, like 3 bucks? Gimme a BREAK.

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