The shamanistic aspects of marijuana

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    I believe marijuana itself has shamanistic aspects to it. Psychedelic drug use is common in many religions of the world, past and present.

    Depending on the type of weed, and my state of mind, I feel very in tune with the harmonic vibrations of people and the world when I smoke.

    You know, our entire nervous system is run on electricity, right? The brain sends an electrical pulse down a nerve to a muscle, and the muscle moves. Our brains are electric. Well, with every electrical current, and electromagnetic field is developed instantly.

    These fields change with the strength and frequency of the current.

    Sound is vibration. Sound can be converted into analog electrical waves, which can be converted into digital electrical waves, which can be converted into many different types of waves along the electromagnetic spectrum then transmitted and received and converted back into sound we can hear.

    Molecules vibrate at specific frequencies depending upon the type of matter.

    There are harmonic frequencies in electrical waves. These are smaller waves generated by the initial wave. In music, harmonic notes are ones that go with the melody, complementing it, but the notes are completely different.

    I believe "putting out good vibes" and feeling good vibes are literally doing just that.

    I constantly find people that I resonate well with.

    I play the didjeridoo. Every didjeridoo has a specific range of frequencies that will make that individual didj resonate.

    I believe marijuana can be used as a spiritual meditative medium, and I do not think it is "cheating" to do that.

    Marijuana has been used in many cultures' religions, and has been known in more than one as "The Liberator."

    I notice when I am high, it gives me a unique perspective on things. It helps me think of different ways to solve problems in my life. It's a revolutionary drug.

    Cannabis is so versatile, that many do not explore the shamanistic elements. Some people smoke just to get high. Some people smoke to relieve emotional or physical pain. Some smoke as a spiritual ritual. I do it for all these reasons.
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    To the best of my Knowledge marijuana isn't all that widely used by Shamanic peoples of the world, they are more into he vines roots and fungi. One tribe comes to mind that came from Mexico that uses Cannabis in their belief system but my brain can't squeeze out any more than that besides their belief system is a blend of Christianity and traditional beliefs. Good book to check out regarding psychoactive substances and tribal traditions concerning them is called "Plants of the Gods" or something like that, has a short chapter on all the various vegetation involved with the tribal people of the world.
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    "According to virtually every anthropologist and university in the world, marijuana was also used in most of our religions and cults as one of the seven or so most widely used mood-, mind-, or pain-altering drugs when taken as psychotropic, psychedelic (mind-manifesting or -expanding) sacraments.

    Almost without exception, these sacred (drug) experiences inspired our superstitions, amulets, talismans, religions, prayers, and language codes.

    SHINTOISM (Japan) Cannabis was used for the binding together of married couples, to drive away evil spirits, and was thought to create laughter and happiness in marriage.

    HINDUISM (India) The God Shiva is said "to have brought cannabis from the Himalayas for human enjoyment and enlightenment." The Sardu Priests travel throughout India and the world sharing "chillum" pipes filled with cannabis, sometimes blended with other substances. In the Bhagavad-gita, Krishna states, "I am the healing herb" (Ch. 9:16), while the Bhagarat-purana Fifth Canto describes hashish in explicitly sexual terms.

    BUDDHISTS (Tibet, India, and China)From the 5th Century B.C.E. on ritually used cannabis; initiation rites and mystical experiences were (are) common in many Chinese Buddhist Sects. Some Tibetan Buddhists and lamas (priests) consider cannabis their most holy plant. Many Buddhist traditions, writings, and beliefs indicate that "Siddhartha" (the Buddha) himself, used and ate nothing but hemp and its seeds for six years prior to announcing (discovering) his truths and becoming the Buddha (Four Noble Truths, the Eightfold Path). Regarding the

    ZOROASTRIANS or Magi (Persia, circa 8th to 7th Centuries B.C.E. to 3rd to 4th Centuries C.E.), it is widely believed by many Christian scholars, commentators, etc., that the three "Magi" or Wise Men who attended the birth of Christ were cult references to the Zoroastrians. The Zoroastrian religion was based (at least on the surface) on the entire cannabis plant, the chief religious sacrament of its priest class, and its most important medicine, (e.g., obstetrics, incense rites, anointing and christening oils), as well as lighting or fire oils in their secular world. The word "magic" is generally considered derived from the Zoroastrians "Magi."

    The ESSENES (ancient Israeli sect of extreme Hebrewites approx. 200 B.C.E. to 73 C.E.) used hemp medicinally, as did the THERAPUTEA (Egypt), from whom we get the term "therapeutic." Both are believed by some scholars to be disciples of, or in a brotherhood with, the priests/magician of the Zoroastrians.

    EARLY JEWS As part of their holy Friday night services in the Temple of Solomon, 60-80,000 men ritually passed around and inhaled 20,000 incense burners filled with kanabosom (cannabis), before returning home for the largest meal of the week (munchies?).

    SUFIS OF ISLAM (Middle East)Moslem "mystical" priests who have taught, used, and extolled cannabis for divine revelation, insight, and oneness with Allah, for at least the last 1,000 years. Many Moslem and world scholars believe the mysticism of the Sufi Priests was actually that of the Zoroastrians who survived Moslem conquests of the 7th and 8th Centuries C.E. and subsequent conversion (change your religion and give up liquor or be beheaded).

    COPTIC CHRISTIAN (Egypt/Ethiopia)Some sects believe the sacred "green herb of the field" in the Bible ("I will raise up for them a plant of renown, and they shall be no more consumed with hunger in the land, neither bear the shame of the heathen any more." Ezekiel 34:29) and the Biblical secret incenses, sweet incenses, and anointing oils to be cannabis.

    The BANTUS (Africa) had secret Dagga Cults,* societies which restricted cannabis use to the ruling men. The Pygmies, Zulus, and Hottentots all found it an indispensable medication for cramps, epilepsy, and gout, and as a religious sacrament.

    *Their "Dagga" cults believed Holy Cannabis was brought to earth by the Gods, in particular from the "Two Dog Star" system that we call Sirius A and B. "Dagga" literally means "cannabis." Interestingly, the surviving Indo-European word for the plant can also be read as "canna," "reed" and "bi," "two," as well as 'canna,' as in canine; and 'bis,' meaning two (bi) ß "Two Dogs."

    The RASTAFARIANS (Jamaica and elsewhere) are a contemporary religious sect that uses "ganja" as its sacred sacrament to communicate with God (Jah)."

    from The Emperor Wears No Clothes by Jack Herer

    Jack Herer - Chapters
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    totally agree with ya on that.. i am a practicing wiccan, and use cannabis for my meditation, astral projection, when consecrating tools and during or before rituals of any kind.. ive practiced without the aid of cannabis, and while it doesnt really matter wether im high or not, i tend to perform more creative, elaborate and lengthier rituals.. i also use cannabis to suppress my anger, well, i started smoking not to specifically do that, but it was a wonderful side effect... also for dealing with a few psychological reasons, i like to think of it as self-medication.. i dont want to be on prozac or any of the other psychiatric drugs.. im not depressed or suicidal. i just use it to suppress memories or help me deal a little bit better with living with what happened to psychiatric doctor is Mary Jane..and she does great work!!
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    Guess when I think of Shamanic, I think of something differently than you angry nomad, few of those groups in your copy paste I would consider shamanic, like jews for example, came from tribes, yes, spiritual yes, commune with the spirits through altered states of consciousness, never thought of em like that personally.

    Edit: would like to mention I was previously fully aware of all the info you posted and am not attempting to discredit in any way..

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    anyone know who the guy that has been called like, the Timothy Leary of the new age or something, forget his name, writes about his experiences staying with different south American tribes and stuff, just smoked a bowl of kif and my mind is blank lol.. Anyways real interesting read if your into that type of stuff
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    I agree with you guys. I use my chronic while meditating with the countdown deepening effect(3to1method). And I also use crystals while realligning my seven chakras. And it also stimulates my alpha thinking. Cannibus is amazing!
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    Not a big fan of supposed spiritual aspects of weed but I do think it helps you to be more introspective which is a good thing.
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    I think the term Entheogen works better than Shamanic here.
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    Man... i think i know who you mean... he drank Ayahuasca (cerimonial drink used by indians from amazonia here in Brasil) if im not mistaken... if you remember his name, please tell me! I did read about him long ago, but never could read that again...
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    shit...I was just talking to my friend about that cause he read some stuff by that guy...and if you hadn't brought it up I'd still know...dammit...I'll ask him real quick...
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    Terrence McKenna?
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    Terrence McKenna. He did a lot of psychedelics, but his favorite was DMT (used in Ayahuasca).
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    Oh i know who is Terrence McKenna... but unfortunately he is not the one i thought he was... i meant a scientist (physicist i think) who also drank ayahuasca, had a trippy trip (of course) and then described his experience in a book called "the flight of the ???" (condor? eagle? its some bird)... Reading his experience was one of the things that did make me interested in psychedelics... what brought me to weed, of course... and thats why im here. So, it would be nice to find, again, that piece of my long way...
    Anyway, thanks for the help! :thumbsup:
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    Marijuana gave me a glimpse into Enlightenment(yes, actual enlightenment as described in the Upinshads and the Bhagavad Gita), but I don't recommend people to meditate while high unless they know what they are doing. It can be dangerous.
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    I have discovered

    when I smoke that in the end, we are all pretty much doing the same thing - we all know there is a connection with nature and our creator, and we "worship" or "meditate" for the same outcome. And being introspective is knowing yourself better. Unfortunately, many do not recognize what they see within themselves. People are too busy being greedy and self-centered. :Rasta:

    pass it this way
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    Man... i think i had some glimpses into enlightenment also, with weed+(one unmentionable substance)... How it was for you?
    Also... i usually and frequently meditate while stoned... why do you say it can be dangerous? What dangers i may be risking myself without even know it?
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    Oh dear.

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    If you think you were enlightened, you weren't.

    This is an excerpt from the experience I had.

    I was feeling content and peaceful at this point. After the shower I was drying myself off when all of a sudden the bathroom got brighter. It was as if I “woke up”, more like I was “shocked” awake. It just sort of happened. I felt no desire for anything. My mind was split in two. “I” was witnessing my ego trying to make sense of what was happening. It was a loss of self or should I say I truly found my Self. Pure bliss flooded my body. I was very joyful. Immediately I thought of the Buddha and of what happened to him when he reached Enlightenment. The demon of ego and desire sent his beautiful daughters to tempt the Buddha (in his mind), but he merely gazed upon them, feeling no desire for them, merely witnessing their presence. That’s how I felt that night. I was merely the witness. I felt no desire for sleep, for food, sex, anything like that. All my desires were fulfilled. I was content with just being.

    The dangers exist in the rising of Kundalini without knowing how to handle it. And the experience I had, called a Satori, can be dangerous to certain people. I like to think of it as similar to an acid trip, certain people just can't handle acid, so without proper training (which I didn't have, but I guess I was able to handle it :) ) it can be scary. It's ego loss, so it can be scary, but it's a beautiful experience. I don't mean to scare you into not meditating while stoned, it's just that when you meditate your channeling energies and reaching higher states of consciousness. Weed amplifies this and, for me at least, it ended up taking me to extremely high states of consciousness. That's why I don't meditate stoned anymore. It makes me advance too fast and the slow approach is much better and safer. Everyone is different though and some people enjoy meditating stoned, but I find it better to reach those states naturally and safely. I'd only meditate stoned again if I was in the presence of an experienced Guru.

    For me, weed was a way to "find myself" to look deep within and see myself for the first time as I truly was. And I did and I found things out about me. That's the first step towards enlightenment. Searching within. Weed is a very powerful tool to do this with and once you find yourself, once you see yourself as you truly are, then the tool becomes useless.
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