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    Hello MMJ lover out there,:hippy:

    The Tea Pot Lounge will be open Next month right in the heart of Denver, CO; Federal Blvd & 20th Ave. The grand opening day will be announce later. I'm currently looking for patients to sign up, so feel free to contact me at anytime to fill out application. My contact info is below. I will not mark up price like other despensaries, price are honest and fair.

    Here are some of the products that we will be carrying:
    Orange Krush Bud
    Dutch Green Bud
    Blueberry Herbal Hybrid Buds
    Jamaican Gold Bud
    Maui Hybrid Buds
    Hawaiian Haze Bud
    Black Magic Herbal Solid Concentrate
    Honey Blonde Solid Concentrate
    Arabian Brown Solid Concentrate
    Dream Smoke
    Request and suggestion are always welcome. Our goal is to ease the pain and bring that happiness in your life.

    Farmers, Growers and/or Distrubitors are welcome.


    Chaz L.
    The Tea Pot Lounge

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