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  1. delukssteelcityscum

    delukssteelcityscum Registered+

    ok ok i know there is people thinking it is impossible to rid the smell entirly, but ive come DAMNN close!! for me when i blaze in my non smoking house, i take a bottle of FLAMMABLE cologne , after im done toking,, i take a lighter and spray the spray so it catches fire , thus doing something( i really dont know what reaction/ combustion) but it works wonders and i find it lingers in the air long after you first did it! it works great for me, eeven still smelling the cologne when i come home from being ot for a day or two, ive only tried this with swiss army and gravity,, they work great.. ( i smoke in my room not the whole house so i suggest just using it in your room or attic/basement not the kitchen living room ect ect! pleaseguys .. tell me what you think from trying it out i think its great!!
  2. mr_vega

    mr_vega Registered+

    haven't tried it. but im curious now.
  3. xxxhazexxx

    xxxhazexxx Registered+

    dont burn your house down or blow yourself up:stoned:
  4. delukssteelcityscum

    delukssteelcityscum Registered+

    ya doing it is actually pretty trippy too!! lol
  5. Bob the Awesome

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    For your clothing, I've found dryer sheets work perfectly... but for a room, maybe that'll work. I just imagine some burnt-out stoner blowing himself up trying it >>
  6. Nocturnal Stoner

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    i just get lynx or some cheap deoderant spray, spray it on my study table for 2 seconds so its on my table, then just light it, its safer than lighting the spray
  7. the yeag

    the yeag Banned

    you actually wear gravity....and swiss army.....yuuuuk
  8. delukssteelcityscum

    delukssteelcityscum Registered+

    HEY YEAG... ever heard of GIFTS?? fucking idiot
  9. the yeag

    the yeag Banned

    damn bro...I was just wondering if you wore that shit......if your going to be a douche then go cry in the corner.
    i would not spray that garbage in a porta potty before i took a big canuck shit.

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  10. Platinum Plus

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    Don't pull some Richard Pryor shit doing that loll
    and yes it is quite effective if you ask me. .. .
    i accidently lit a cigarette doing that....
    (i'm not a pro at the whole lighter in front of flammable can)
    but yea i'll never forget that time :p
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  11. the yeag

    the yeag Banned

    gravity...and noob hair....burning ewwww smells like hay
  12. d00d989

    d00d989 Registered+

    rofl owned
  13. the yeag

    the yeag Banned

    ~The pontiff has spoken:jointsmile:

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  14. fastforyou84

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    Obsession FTW
  15. 420purpHAZE420

    420purpHAZE420 Registered+

    just get ozium bro, one or two sprays should do the trick, but u can spray the whole bottle and it wont even come close to smelling like weed
  16. delukssteelcityscum

    delukssteelcityscum Registered+

    I aint owned, the only thing i own is your mother, and i fucking grimy, id rather buy more then get spray for my room fuck it/you
  17. Pride

    Pride Registered+

    I'm quite sure the room will smell like CO2 and such. That's gonna scare the shit outta your parents.
  18. mfitzp

    mfitzp Registered+

    dont pay with fire when stoned i have a video of me setting my foot on fire doing something like that lol
  19. AustinMan

    AustinMan Registered+

    CO2 is a orderless gas. But yeah I wouldnt try this because now it will just smell like shit in your room.
  20. SmokingPlatypus

    SmokingPlatypus Registered+

    lol if I tried that I'd probably light it and yelp and prolly drop the damn thing and catch my nuts on fire.

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