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    I elaborated a bit on my thoughts on your poll thread. I am arguing that recreational is a needed component of the legalization process and without it, we are not going to get what we want. If we dare just concentrate on the medical aspects we will criminalize the recreational side of this, and without that... grass roots support will go away. I am also saying that the medical patients are tiny in number compared to those who use recreationally, and for you to stigmatize the vast majority of users of pot, because they don't happen to have a medical need... I think this would kill the legalization movement, and would end up turning the entire industry into a government controlled corporate enterprise, to which home growers and users would be outlawed.
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    Anybody that can help me what should my ph levels be thanks in advance

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  3. Yea-
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    you should start your own thread about this rather than threadjack someone else, but real quick... that cheapie meter is next to useless trying to measure pH, and measuring soil pH is wasted effort. Just pH all fluids going in to the proper range and all will be ok.
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    She's only right.

    Most of us bought one of those crap thingees when we started growing.
    Most all of us threw them out when we really started growing.
    The moisture reading is also worthless after a week or so.

    It is appropriate to post here though.
    Thanks for pointing to something that we can pass on to the new growers as a "don't do it" tip. :)

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    Please help!!!!!
    I have an indoor 4 plant set up with 2 2600 lumen CFLs and 2 1600 lumen CFLs. Just put them in the soil and have the lights running 18/6. I used a generic soil, which I heard was bad but not life threatening, so I saved a few bucks. It's sta-green flower and vegetable soil plus fertilizer. Not expecting anything spectacular, but I want to either learn the bulk of it through my first grow ( either from you guys or trial and effort lol) PLEASE HELP! I really wanna smoke this shit lol
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    please start your own thread with this... threadjacking someone elses thread is not going to get you the answers you seek.
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    Oh god, am I too late to get in on this? I would say to anyone like me when I was first getting into it: The first times you do it, do it right, don't just fuck around with it. Do it with someone who KNOWS what they're doing, and, if possible. I would probably recommend joints or blunts for a first time... At least with a joint or a blunt you're guaranteed to feel it on the first hit, so there's no questions after that first hit really.

    Pipes, bongs, and vapes are confusing to a first-timer, and can overcomplicate the whole thing and kill your buzz before you're even buzzing...
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    Don't know if this would be helpful to others but I keep an Excel workbook for each grow. I let the row numbers represent each day so I always know what day of the grow I'm on. I put the date (like 1/31/2016) in the 1st column and drag it down so Excel can autofill in 80 or 90 rows or so of consecutive dates. I enter the day (Mon, Tue, Wed, etc, in col B and drag it down to wherever.

    I initially give a brief description of soil mix, nute plans, lighting, strain, etc. Then whenever I water or feed or do something important I just enter it in the workbook on the correct row and that way I know what I'm doing (sort of, lol), like when I last watered, what nute ratio I used last, shit like that. Each week I take some pics and insert one that I like into the next column and hyperlink it to the larger pic file.


    When it's all done, dried, and cured, I record the yield in grams.

    It's kind of fun and sometimes even helpful to go back and look at where you were at the same time in the grow for other grows - especially when doing repeat grows of the same strain.

    That's all - goodbye - have a nice Sunday!
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    I never have used a controlled climate for my cannabis. I treat it like a normal plant. Fill a small pot (I use solo cups) with soil, put some seeds in between two wet paper towels and let them sit in a ziplock bag for 3 days. They should have long tap roots. Then, gently place them in the soil. I don't use any grow lights, I use a window. Treat cannabis normally. It doesn't need "hydroponics" or a $20 fertilizer.
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    wow,, lot of new knowledge
    thanks for these beautiful pictures, home grown??
  14. Smantha Brooks

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    Thanks @The Widow White , for this vast data, are you doing research on Cannabis??
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  16. Smantha Brooks

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    So while you smoke you must thank to the people who did all the hard work to make it perfect for all occasions for us.
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    I need help with my plant I just started flower n was doing very well till now it only took bout two days for this to happen please iv put lot of time n money

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    Justin, you need to start up your own thread instead of trying to steal time in someone else's thread.

    Once you have done this, fill out a troubleshooting form so we can see how you got in this mess. It looks like over fertilization to me, but that is just a guess until we get some more info.

    This thread however is not the appropriate place to do this, and I am not going to comment further until you do this correctly.
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    I did as u asked thanks for helping me much appreciated
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    Can anyone help in not sure how to start a thread so can I Ask this way is this ok the second is the most recent?

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