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    Good save! I was unloading on you... talking about pissing matches and the tendencies of guys and such...
    lol... yes, politics and sociology. I study trends. I am an economist. Based on movements of opinions, money and my knowledge of what motivates people, I make predictions that will allow my company to maximize their profits in the future.
    As far as growing goes... you got me by decades and acres. I only knows what I knows, but I knows it because I did it, I studied it and I documented the results. You don't get to this point without work. Maybe someday, at least when it comes to our little weed, you will be able to see me as at least competent.
    Take care Gilligan... I am liking you more and more.
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    My best advice to a younger cannabis user is to obey the laws in your state for your own sake.

    Be of age.

    If you're in a recreational state, obey the set laws in your state for growing and possessing the limits allowed.
    If you're in a medical only state, and if you qualify, get your card, then follow the guidelines in your state.

    Use in the privacy of your own home as stated in most state's laws.
    Don't drive high. DUI's are not fun.
    Don't have more plants or more consumable cannabis than allowed.

    It's great that voters in more than half the states have wanted it, and state governments have made provisions.
    Keep within the laws of your state.

    If your state does not yet have med or rec, consider one that does.

    When I was a teen, I was arrested for having an ounce of commercial Mexican.
    It was a felony in my state at the time. It was no fun getting busted..
    Save yourself the pain. Do it right. Things have really changed for the better over the years, and compliance for use is not hard.
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    Would love some info on cloning white widow,white rhino any info would be appreciated
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    My advice on cloning is just do it it's a lot of fun
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  6. When you find your keeper pheno! Cloning is imperative for beautiful harvests.

    Pop a bunch of beans,
    Pheno hunt,
    Clone and label everything by strain and numbers. For each specific pheno of that strain. (Same strain does not mean same outcome)
    And when you find a keeper, keep her in rotation!:doublethumbs:
    Stay high
    Stay free
    Release the medicine
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    Learn about what a Hempy Bucket is and how you can grow hydroponically without any power, without any water pumps, without any air pumps, without any fear of root rot. You don't need any hoses, you don't need electricity. You don't need chillers. All you need are the ingredients for a Hempy Bucket which are a 2 to 3 gallon bucket - a 5 will do although a pot plant won't fill one.

    You need to cut a hole in the side big enough that you can assure when you pour water in, it'll start to dribble so you know where the water level is. TWO INCHES from the bottom is the recommended depth.

    There are multiple versions of these.

    The most amazing ones use perlite and vermiculite mix. Perlite is man made, pop-corned sand. It's heated up in ovens and the expansion of the gases in tiny crevices within that stuff, make it inflate, until it's lighter than water. It's brilliant white and has nearly perfect physical characteristics for plants' roots. You get some stuff called 'vermiculite' and mix with it to make it not need watering as much.

    The more modern iteration of these, uses whatcha call coco husk, coco coir. it's very deep brown and looks so much like soil that if there's some around your place, peoples' eyebrows don't go up, like "what's up with the space sand there cowboy?"

    The basic deal is ya need to find out about Hempy Buckets. A dyslexic guy from Australia discovered you don't need power equipment to grow pot hydroponically, and this fake myth had been protected by the D.E.A. for years, feeding movie makers bullsh** about how sophisticated you have to be, to grow hydroponic weed.

    It took him 18 years to get the story out about those working with pot.

    With the Hempy Bucket movement, people worldwide learned that they can easily grow pot faster than with soil, with way more chance the grow will turn out productive.
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    My advice, to a younger user, would be to NOT smoke, while you are going through puberty. Your body is going through hormonal changes, and your cannabinoid receptors are nothing to mess with.
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    Nice info,like the way you stress about PH,SO MAKE SURE YOU LISTEN.few quid an ya done.So easy,an they luv it!!!.
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    NICE PICS✌️ Look good to me,I'm the same never bothered gettin replacement batteries for mine.
  13. SNOOP OG

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    I've been doin my water nutes off when I used to ph it,nothing's changed.
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    Hi guys hope you don’t mind me posting but could do with some much needed knowledge.

    This is my 1st grow and I think it seems ok.. It’s a Royal Jack Auto using cfl lighting. But lol ..... Could I have some advice please , my plant is developing some yellowish An light green leaves in parts and looking like starting to flower on top?? I have been using cfl’s at 8500k to grow with an 18/6 cycle and have some 6500k for flowering ‘which haven’t been used yet’. Question is does the plant in pics look ok as never grown before, the plant is around 8wks old An roughly 1ft tall...

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    I’m not sure I’m the yellowness is from lamps being a bit too close
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    ADabLDo just fine Thank you sir may I have another....

    So, yah that is sooo much info. I might start growing now... not a chance, I leave that to the people who are professionals.

    I was expecting to read about how we teach the youngsters how not to do multiple dabs in a row because that could lead to visual and mental hallucinations hahaha
    not to mention you could get extreme munchies and barf...
    Welcome to marijuana overdose, no need for hospitalization or any
    pharmaceuticals YO!!!
    Just sleep it off

    There is my knowledge for the youngster :p

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    Smoking wild and free
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    I did do an experiment several years later to prove both myths about lighting and I documented the grow log over at . I proved to myself that 2 days of darkness in the beginning of flower makes the switchover faster, and also definitely proved that the 3 days of darkness at the end increases potency and quality. Both side by side experiments proved to be highly successful. All the plants getting a dark period prior to switching to 12/12 completed the switchover to full flowering in approximately 2 less days than the control group. At the tail end, it was clearly shown that all the plants experiencing total darkness for 3 days at the end ended up with more and thicker trichomes, better taste and stronger potency.
    I was a skeptic when I wrote this piece in 2015 and now I am a avowed believer in both practices.

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