The unofficial thread on Passing On Some knowledge to a younger cannabis user

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    Good save! I was unloading on you... talking about pissing matches and the tendencies of guys and such...
    lol... yes, politics and sociology. I study trends. I am an economist. Based on movements of opinions, money and my knowledge of what motivates people, I make predictions that will allow my company to maximize their profits in the future.
    As far as growing goes... you got me by decades and acres. I only knows what I knows, but I knows it because I did it, I studied it and I documented the results. You don't get to this point without work. Maybe someday, at least when it comes to our little weed, you will be able to see me as at least competent.
    Take care Gilligan... I am liking you more and more.
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    My best advice to a younger cannabis user is to obey the laws in your state for your own sake.

    Be of age.

    If you're in a recreational state, obey the set laws in your state for growing and possessing the limits allowed.
    If you're in a medical only state, and if you qualify, get your card, then follow the guidelines in your state.

    Use in the privacy of your own home as stated in most state's laws.
    Don't drive high. DUI's are not fun.
    Don't have more plants or more consumable cannabis than allowed.

    It's great that voters in more than half the states have wanted it, and state governments have made provisions.
    Keep within the laws of your state.

    If your state does not yet have med or rec, consider one that does.

    When I was a teen, I was arrested for having an ounce of commercial Mexican.
    It was a felony in my state at the time. It was no fun getting busted..
    Save yourself the pain. Do it right. Things have really changed for the better over the years, and compliance for use is not hard.
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    Would love some info on cloning white widow,white rhino any info would be appreciated
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    My advice on cloning is just do it it's a lot of fun
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  6. When you find your keeper pheno! Cloning is imperative for beautiful harvests.

    Pop a bunch of beans,
    Pheno hunt,
    Clone and label everything by strain and numbers. For each specific pheno of that strain. (Same strain does not mean same outcome)
    And when you find a keeper, keep her in rotation!:doublethumbs:
    Stay high
    Stay free
    Release the medicine
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