the way we fertilizing - unbased conventions ?

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    agreed by majority that 6 semi meals for a person , should be preffered rather 3 heavy one .

    leads me to ask myself ' maybe this rule takes also for plants .
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    You are correct that binge and purge is not a healthy way to fertilize.
    But a food analogy is misleading.
    We are not "feeding" the plant, we are simply providing the elements that they require.

    Most of a plant's dry bulk is Carbon. It gets that element from the CO2 in the air .
    They get Hydrogen from water and emit most of the Oxygen as waste.
    They also need Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium along with some trace elements.
    The trick is, not to overdo it.
    Give them just enough and they will use as needed.

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    Thank you Weeze for detailed response . Merry XMAS .

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