Things to do with a male plant

Discussion in 'Growing Information' started by marso5050, Oct 2, 2007.

  1. marso5050

    marso5050 Registered

    Out of 11 babies I got 3 males, 5 females and 3 not yet determined (started flowering one week ago).
    I cut the males and wanted to throw them away then I thought there might be better uses.
    So, what can be done with a male plant ????
  2. marso5050

    marso5050 Registered

    • It can be thrown away.
    • It can be used in mixture, instead of tobacco, but if the plant has not been flushed it can be harsh.
    • It can be replanted in the neighborhood (just for fun).
    more ideas?
  3. Deepsuthern

    Deepsuthern Registered+

    you could use it to make edible goods... however I think that watever you use a male plant for wouldn't you want to use a female instead because of the higher thc concentration? Otherwise I'm not really sure what to do with a male plant either
  4. stinkyattic

    stinkyattic CultiModerVatorAtor

    Compost it. Or plant it on the front lawn of the county courthouse. Either way.
  5. DebuteMachine23

    DebuteMachine23 Registered+

    I had to ditch 3 plants. I really wanted to go plant them in front of the 5-0 station, but I didn't really want to risk it. I live in the city, theres always people around on that street.
  6. Opie Yutts

    Opie Yutts Registered+

    You guys rock to even think of that troublemaking. Stick it to the man! It's always the man keeping me down.

    But you know, you could make rope. You could also dry a little and smoke it just to check. It might work a little, some strains' males actually have some thc and cnb in them. If so, smoke when desperate, or make hash, brownies, or tincture.
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  7. Mr. Clandestine

    Mr. Clandestine Registered+


    I guess you could strip all the leaves off of it, and use it as a back scratcher. Or if they're large enough, you could probably turn then into some pretty decent kindling for a bonfire. You could always use them to swat at flies, or just randomly flog somebody with!

    In my opinion, they're only useful when you need some seeds. There's very little use in consuming them, because their THC content is next to nothing, if anything at all. But Opie brought up a good point: If you're desperate, you'll sometimes just take what you can get.
  8. Crazed

    Crazed Registered+

    LOL at the backscratcher idea ... but my friend always feeds them to his pet goat...(and the sad thing is that the goat thinks they are like a "treat" or something) ..

    But if you have enemies,, then I might suggest putting them in their flower beds or front yard and call the 5 0 on them... lol nah... thats just mean...
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  9. Flameon

    Flameon Registered+

    Oh man, that's just what my wife says about me! :D
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  10. afronumeric

    afronumeric Registered

    smoke your males to keep yourself at bay, untill the females are ready. =D
  11. RhinoGrowUK

    RhinoGrowUK Banned

    I think you should kick them in the balls !:D
  12. coreysloan

    coreysloan Registered

    make honey oil with the boys...stip everything off the the stems, let it dry to the point where you can crumble it into almost dust with your hands, put in a big ass glass (not more than half full of trimmings) and fill the rest with medical grade alcohol (91 to 99%). let it sit for a few days and then strain it thru a couple coffee filters into a cookie sheet or like sized pan. (glass works best) and then leave it alone for a couple days...the alcohol will the alcohol will evaporate out and what you will be left with in the pan is essentially the thc from the trimmings in a goo form. kinda like thick green honey. add a drop or two to a bowl of almost anything and you'll be hooked!!!!!
  13. stinkyattic

    stinkyattic CultiModerVatorAtor

    Typically the term 'honey oil' is applied to a butane extraction where the end product is a tawny honey color- the resultant goo from an isopropanol extraction is going to be green, as the long soak in rubbing alcohol co-extracts the chlorophyll in the trim.
  14. Psycho4Bud

    Psycho4Bud The Modfather

    JIHAD to the males!!! :buzz_saw:

    I chop em' off as close to the soil as possible, bag them up, and hall them to a dumpster across town. NO DAMN MALE will be within smelling distance of my baby virgins.:D

    Have a good grow!:jointsmile:
  15. Opie Yutts

    Opie Yutts Registered+

    Hence the name "Green Dragon".
  16. TryptamineScape

    TryptamineScape Registered+

    hahahhahaa, that made me lol...that's a very good way of dealing with the situation...I dry the males out and give them to idiots that think they actually got stoned off of them...I haven't grown in awhile though, this make sme want to again.
  17. IrieDread

    IrieDread Registered+

    hahahahahah I am rollin from some of these comments :) LOL lol LoL

    The second I see its male I grab it by the hair and pull it out the bucket. I first check my roots and then I play with it because you just doctored them and treated them like a fragile newborn baby and then wham. Give it to your friends that beg you for strains and then call them the next day and say hahaha its male I wouldnt give you such a nice looking female hehehe then they say ahhwww hook me up with a feemizzy and I say use it to breed. Then they have to get rid of it, but planting it on the court lawn was hilarious. and the back scratcher hahahahahahah

    I still have a huge stick about 4 foot that I just cant part with. I dont know why. It just sits there staring at me by the washer and dryer along with its mangled sister. I guess I got so much bud from them Im saving it till I get one that yields more and is taller like an outdoor. But... I bet Id justify saving both and haing an indoor outdoor "stuffed" Cannabis stem hanging on the engraved metal or something :) Maybe one day someone will get beat with it for disrespectin my strains :D JK
  18. the image reaper

    the image reaper Registered+

    ahhh, it's nice to see a good father, protecting his little girls ... :jointsmile:
  19. stinkyattic

    stinkyattic CultiModerVatorAtor

    Nooooo!!!! Don't make green dragon with rubbing alcohol! IT CAN KILL YOU!!!!!!! (Remember Kitty Dukakis' most publicized hospital visit?)
    Green Dragon can ONLY be made with beverage-grade ETHANOL. It's meant to be taken orally, and the alcohol is not evapped off.
  20. SantaClawz

    SantaClawz Registered+

    I once did an outdoor grow the plant got about 3 to 4 foot tall. Once I found out it was a male I ripped it from the ground and threw it into the street and watched from a distance as people walked by it contemplating on weather to take it or not.
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