This is how to make a pipe out of an apple!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by pixel, Jul 21, 2007.

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    Okay, I have seen quite a few people asking on this forum how to make a pipe from an apple, so I thought I'd make athread for it once and for all. It would be nice if you would sticky this thread as a reference for everyone, moderators :)

    Must be big. you can judge this by putting a lighter at the top part of the apple, where the stem is, and see if it burns your face or if the flame is too close to your face.

    I recommend you get a bic pen, because they are a perfect cylinder after the tip and they slide through the apple nicely and make the best hole.

    I'd recommend BIC here too!

    Smoking substance
    I'd recommend marijuana.

    Okay, so you have everything right in front of you.


    Point C is where you insert the pen first. Make sure that the pen is going through the apple horizontally and not at an angle.

    Slide the pen all the way to point B until the tip is entirely on the other side of the apple. Hold up the hole of the apple to the light and make sure it's clean.

    Now, pull or cut the stem off of the apple. Get your pen, and insert it where the stem was. This is the kinda tricky part, you need to cut a hole down, but only down HALF of the apple.

    The way to do this part is to get close and then start taking the pen out and sucking in while you plug side B up and suck from side C. Start farther from the middle, and get closer and closer each time, that way you don't go to far to begin with, and you can make the perfect airway.

    Point B acts as a carb, but this is not a carb meant to clear your chamber which is very very small. This is for convienience when making the apple, so unless you wanna try to meet Point C and Point A perfectly in the middle of the apple, I would suggest making a Point B too.

    By now I'm assuming you've realized that you put your greens at point A, inhale from point B, and hold your thumb or finger over point C while you smoke.

    This method is safe, organic, and not disease-causing like tin foil. In my opinion it tastes fanfuckingtastic too, but that's in the lungs of the beholder :)
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  2. Bluntmasterbabe

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    I love making a bowl out of an apple. It has such a fresh taste:) Sometimes, when we have people over for a party, I'll buy a huge bag of apples, and let everyone make their own bowl. It's alot of fun when we're all drunk:thumbsup:
  3. psteve

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    Also works with yams or POTatoes!
  4. tha del sound

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    ah, the good ol' days of apple pipes.
  5. pixel

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    I havent made one of these in a year or two, but writing this made me consider it for a session im havin right this second
  6. Nyghtfire0

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    Wow. just wow. i gotta try this one at home
  7. StrangeStrain024

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    thats hot..... you could make a bong out of anything
  8. i wana try a pinapple pipe lol...
  9. StrangeStrain024

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    i gotta try making a gravity bong outta my bath tub.
  10. bloodmasta

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    yeah my mum found a few of my shotties and kept them to use against me haha :Rasta:
  11. StrangeStrain024

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    pipes that look like something else is the shit.. highlighter, toy car , flashlight :D
  12. pixel

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    Today for the hell of it I made a pipe out of a watermelon. It was really messy, but I made it outside so it didnt matter. I used my bong slide for the bowl.

    It didnt really work well at all... so from now on if I get the urge to make a fruit piece then I think I'll stick to them big ass granny apples

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