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    I plan on adding blood meal to my soil mix with my next grow (along with other ingredients). I have heard that when adding blood meal to the soil, it should'nt be mixed in with it or it will burn the plants. It should be sprinkled on top of the soil, so when you water, it won't be so harsh. How have you used it, mixed it or sprinkled on top of the soil?
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    Blood Meal usage

    I've done both with mixing in the soil about 2 inches down, blending with my fingers and also mixing in my soil builds inside a large clear trash bag along with Foxfarm Ocean Forest, Botanicare Ready Grow, worm castings, bone meal, greensand plus, mycorrhizae fungi, and sea kelp, perlite and vermiculite.

    The main thing to watch is the proportional amount used and at what stage of growth. Too much of any fert can burn your plant.
    Making a Blood Meal tea can work just as well for a quick good feeding of N.
    Just cut it to 1/3 strength with pHed water to take the harshness out......also at a weaker mixture you can feed more often.
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    i just added it to the top layer of soil and seemed to work out that way
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    What size containers are you growing in ??

    What is your feeding schedule like ??
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    7-8in pots watered every 3rd day or so

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