Thrips or Spider mites?

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by norkali, Sep 29, 2008.

  1. norkali

    norkali Registered

    Okay, so I wake up this morning to check on my ladies, and this is what I found!

    Mainly on this leaf, and there were 4-5 smaller blades around it that were affected. So, are they bastard spider mites or bastard thrips? I'm leaning towards spidermites because there was webbing near the bottom of the leaf, but I'm not sure because the black spots are a sign of thrip shit, right? I already gave the area a localized shot of 'Don't Bug Me'.

    No-Pest-Strip here I come.....

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  2. norkali

    norkali Registered

    :mad: Another look, noticed more webbing on another leaf. Spider mites huh? Only 5% of canopy/closet is affected as of right now.

    I'm not playing with these fuckers, I've come too far with a nice run to have them rain on my parade now...I'm going down to Home De Pot right now...

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  3. elskeetro

    elskeetro Registered+

    hmm. Tough for me to see. I've battled Thrips for 2 grows now and finally killed them with a Pyrethrum fogger (or whatever that stuff is called). I don't see any damage in those pics that resembles mine, and you say you've got some webs forming, eh? I'd say it's the dreaded spider mites.

    Although you seem to have come to that conclusion already.

    Just cuz i'm bored at's a link to pics of my thrip damage. The silver patches on the tops of the leaves...

    Good luck. Sounds like you are about to engage in full scale war.
  4. cannameds4life

    cannameds4life Registered

    Hey there,

    Looks like mites to me. The no pest strips can are like trying to kill a buffalo with a slingshot. Its not gonna fix your problem. They are a great preventative but not an effective way to deal with an outbreak. I say use FLoramite SC. Dont listen to the hippies. It will kill them all, DEAD, and the eggs. 1 spray, all dead... Plants will start to look better within 2-3 days. IT will not effect taste or flavor, and its safe for humans... (not for rats/termites/ants ... added bonus):Rasta:

    Floramite SC

    my .02

    good luck!
  5. norkali

    norkali Registered

    Calling Image Reaper and/or Opie Yutts; two guys that I know have experience with these things. No Pest Strip in, thinking of a 24-hour installation. Rubbed Don't Bug Me on affected leaves with Q-tip, should help....

    I guess we'll see.
  6. stinkyattic

    stinkyattic CultiModerVatorAtor

    Def. mites if you are seeing webbing under the leaves. No life stage of thrip makes webs.
    You should see their spread halt immediately after installing a no-pest strip. I'd leave it for quite a while to avoid letting any resistant individuals survive to breed more resistant individuals! Add some air flow too if you can, because they HATE wind.
  7. norkali

    norkali Registered

    Hah! I took the strip out this morning, calm in the closet. :thumbsup: I would have liked to keep it in there for another day maybe, but I'm a little worried about the Dichlorvos. Yesterday and last night the area was vacated, but not today.

    I can see the mites dead on the leaves. I turned up the fan too, plenty of wind moving in there now. I think I will go in for another Don't Bug Me Q-tip application for good measure. Thank you Skeetro, Canna, and Stinky!
  8. xxkiljoyxx

    xxkiljoyxx Registered

    home depot has a spray called ecosense insecticidal soap. it kills most cannabis related insects and is completely safe to spray up until the day of harvest. It also works on both thrips and spider mites
  9. bobjob4u

    bobjob4u Registered+

    No pest strips worked for me drove em away with in a few hours. I also sprayed room , not plants with non toxic natural pesticide.

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