Throat hurts can’t talk

Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by Brian Barcus, Nov 18, 2017.

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    I went to the ent dr and he told me it looked like I smoked meth. I actually have smoked meth, notnin over a year. However, I am a heavy marijuana user. But I think what the dr. is seeing is the effects of me using a small glass pipe, and smoking resin out of it when I didn’t have any weed. It would get so hot, it started to burn my throat. That’s when I went to the dr, because of pain. It makes sense that he would think I was smoking meth, because the flame was so hot to my throat. He prescribed me antibiotics and something for acid reflux. Im taking them, but I know that won’t help. The problem is my throats burnt up. It hurts after I talk for long periods of time. Im really scared, and I don’t know what to do. Will it heal with time? Or will I eventually be talking out of a little voice box? Please advise?

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