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Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by turksteelman, Jul 8, 2007.

  1. turksteelman

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    I have a plant that is 2 feet tall and growing. Its about 5-6 weeks old. Is it too old to tie down? I need my other plants to catch up but if this one keeps growing, I am going to run out of room fast!
  2. davejohnwright

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    You can tie it anywhere up to a couple weeks before flower (probably later)
  3. GratefulDawg

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    Just be careful once the plant is more than a month or two old - I tried tying the plants down too late, and you will face great difficulty. It can be done, but not to the same extent as young plants. Young plants can be negotiated to bend 90+ degrees, whereas I snapped a plant of mine the other day trying to tie a plant that was too old and the stem was too firm. As I said, you can do it, but go SLOW SLOW SLOW and dont try to bend it too far - it will snap. I snapped one just last week, then I googled the problem, and used a bandaid to help it fix itself. However, it then grew in a very unpredictable direction (the bandaid allowed flexibility for the stem to move) and grew into the light and got torched. It was very tragic - afterwards I held a memorial service with a 21 bong salute! Ha ~ :jointsmile:
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  4. Raftastic

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    Could you guys explain to a dummy how to tie my plants down.
  5. BobBong

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    get some clothes pins and string.

    You're trying to train it to grow a certain way, so it won't be bent all at once. Bend it down with the string and pin it to something like a wall or the side of the pot. A few days later, repeat.


    Post pics!
  6. Raftastic

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    Cheers Bob i'll sort some pics out when i get home,they're all in there 1st pots at the moment as they are only 11 days old but a couple of them are allready 3 1/2 inches i'm gonna plant them low when i change pots.
  7. stinkyattic

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    search 'lessons in bonsai and bondage' in the grow lounge for some training pics.
  8. twoguysupnorth

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    you can still tie them down just be carefull with them. i had the opposite problem as gratefull dawg. i did mine earlier but as the stem grew and got thicker the place between the two branches started to split. im just glad i noticed it and loosened the strings, its fine now. i topped then tied the two new tops down thats where they split at.

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