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Discussion in 'Advanced Techniques' started by NextGen, May 8, 2005.

  1. NextGen

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    Why are some buds fluffy but some are hard and dense? Why does it seem the sturdier tighter bud is better? :confused:
  2. sensiskunk

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    It really depends on the strain and genetics. A sativa dominant plant will be big and fluffy, while an indica dominant plant will be compact and dense. You may think the "tighter bud is better" because indica is more of a head stone, while sativa is a more uplifting body stone. To make buds dense, simply keep the humidity up, and get an indica strain. I myself like sativa highs better than indica, because it encourages productivity, while indica strains put you on your ass. Hope this helped!
  3. NextGen

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    I will probably grow both then. More sativa than indica though :)

    What strain is Skunk? and what is the skunkiest skunk bud there is (skunk ass).
  4. sensiskunk

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    There are a bunch of skunk strains: Afghani, Skunk #1, True skunk, super skunk, shiva skunk etc.. Most of which are majority Indica. Im not quite sure what the 'skunkiest' strain is, but im sure Skunk #1 is pretty damn skunky from what ive heard. If you want to find out more, go to www.emeryseeds.com, im sure youll find what your looking for!
  5. NextGen

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    My first experiences was a very,very skunky bud that choked you, it was so potent. We wher kids and my friend snuck some from his mom now and then lol, anyways I wanna smoke some again. I have'nt come across such a skunk bud since.

    This would be a an indoor challenge. the smell
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  6. Zandor

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    It’s more environmental then it’s genetics. Proper RH levels, lots of quality lumens, CO² controlled enrichment to the proper PPM level and temperature control will produce dense tight buds. Pure sativa is just not done indoors because of the height required for them to mature properly. They grow 12’ or more and take up to 5 month’s to finish flowering.
    I assume that answered your question.
  7. abcmofo

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    zandor tell u the truth matey - all to do with light - more light more bud more calyx/leaf ratio more density
  8. NextGen

    NextGen Registered+

    I see, the big bulb 1000 hp or sunny outdoor natural
  9. jadeius

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    it's not just the light, it's all kinds of stuff...even the roots effect the buds, the food, the stresses, etc.
  10. trippruss

    trippruss Registered+

    more watts will make more tighter buds

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