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Discussion in 'New Mexico (NM)' started by Sandia, Apr 9, 2010.

  1. Sandia

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    Hello Folks!

    I am probably not the ONLY one curious about the waiting time for approval for MCP cards and personal production license approvals.

    I am creating an area where individuals can help assist others by letting us all know how long it took for your approval for the medical cannabis program (MCP) AND the length of time it took for you to obtain your personal production license (PPL) from the DOH.

    Some people, myself included, are probably curious as to just how long it takes for your approvals and any issues you had with the process.

    This thread will hopefully assist people that are involved in the "waiting game" and those that are traveling down this road. It will give everyone an insight into just what to expect.:)


    APPLICATION DATE FOR MCP (Medical Cannabis Program):



    APPLICATION FOR PPL (Personal Production License) DATE:




    *** Please utilize this format so that it makes it easier for people to understand what to expect.


    APPLICATION DATE FOR MCP (Medical Cannabis Program): XX April 2010

    APPROVAL DATE (MCP): XX May 2010

    ISSUES WITH MCP: Were you disapproved? Did you receive information from the state DOH via email or phone?

    APPLICATION FOR PPL (Personal Production License) DATE: XX April 2010

    APPROVAL DATE (PPL): XX May 2010

    ISSUES WITH PPL: Were you disapproved? Did the state give any information as to why you were disapproved? Were there any delays? Were you subsequently approved after a resubmittal?


    Remember, New Mexico is one of the newest states to allow cannabis to be utilized in someone's treatment program for conditions that ail them. EVERYONE residing in NM has to deal with the current state laws that we live under. Our situation is unique to US and hopefully by contributing to this thread, others within the state can gain an insight on what to expect.

    This forum is specifically dedicated to fellow New Mexicans and issues that they have. By relaying your experiences with the MCP, you can help others that are in a similar situation as you once were or are currently experiencing!

    The other reason for contributing to this thread is that this information can be presented to our legislators to help illustrate the current/potential issues with this program. I am POSITIVE that some of the people involved in the MCP simply do not know the issues that patients are going through....delays in MCP/PPL processing.

    Thanks for your time and hopefully the information will prove helpful for others that are in the same situation!!!!


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  2. coolslayer

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    You prpbably don't want me to fill this info out........it took me over a year.
  3. coolslayer

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    probably^ that is.
  4. medical420mama

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    i dont know exact dates or anything like that but it took me a while to get my card not becasue of the nmdoh but because of my pain doc...After about a year of trying medication after medication i finally said enough and my do finally signed the paper work. Sent it in i would say around the middle to end of jan and recived my card around then 15thish of febuary the date on my card is feb 9th.... So from the time i sent in my application in snail mail it took i would say about 2 weeks. At that time i was stil debating growing it myself for many reasons. So when i decided to grow myself i sent in the application and i waould say 2-3 weeks later i reecived my license to grow. All in all from the time i submitted the application it was not to long of a wait. I dont know if this is helpfull since i dont remember exact dates and such but this is my best estimate.
  5. Sandia

    Sandia Registered+

    Thanks Mama.....The doctor recommendations seem like they are holding a few people back. The good thing is that now, aside from Cool's issues, they seem to be moving as well as can be expected.

    As far as the wait time from submission to approval....we can be thankful here in NM because our neighbors to the north seem to have a much longer wait on the order of several months according to some posts in the Colorado section.
  6. firestartersydd

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    It took me a year just to find 2 doctors that would sign. Not an easy thing to do in the southeast part of the state. After that, I sent off my paperwork, but I forgot to include my ID. After two weeks, I got a letter stating they needed my ID to start the processing on my paperwork. 2 more weeks after I sent that off, I had a nice shiny new card ( which looked liked some kid made it in graphics art class)
  7. Bongojaz

    Bongojaz Registered+

    a friend of mine got his card in just about 3 weeks. about a week later he got his license to grow. there was some sort of mix-up, and they weren't sent at the same time...
  8. Totah Sam

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    Once I got the paperwork in it only took 3 weeks. But I was denied a producer's license. They didn't give a reason. I had to inquire with them to get a round-about idea of why I was denied. I've applied a second time. I have no idea how it will turn out. I received my card in early March and to this day there is no medical Cannabis available. Not enough dispensaries.
  9. Sandia

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    Thanks folks! From reading on the forums here it appears that the current time is about two to three weeks for folks once they have submitted their apps.

    Keep the info flowing folks....it will give new people a rough guesstimate on how long it will take.

    Agreed Sam....there are simply NOT ENOUGH producers out there. Damned if I know the hold up as I do not entirely believe that ALL of the applications have some sort of "paperwork" problem with them.
  10. NEWMEXICO420

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    APPLICATION DATE FOR MCP (Medical Cannabis Program): Jan 2010

    APPROVAL DATE (MCP): Feb 2010


    APPLICATION FOR PPL (Personal Production License) DATE: Jan 2010

    APPROVAL DATE (PPL): Feb 2010


    *It only took me a month to get both the card and medical grow, i guess am kinda lucky.
  11. LetsMedicate78

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    I mailed in my application for the program (including personal production license) on March 3. They didn't get it in their hands at the cannabis dept until March 9. They approved it on March 22, and I received the card and the personal production license at the same time on March 26.
  12. coolslayer

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    Yeah,its moving a lot quicker.
  13. Sandia

    Sandia Registered+

    APPLICATION DATE FOR MCP (Medical Cannabis Program): 19 Apr 2010

    APPROVAL DATE (MCP): 28 Apr 2010

    ISSUES WITH MCP: None. Received my card in the mail today along with a copy of the Lynn and Erin Compassion Use Act and a welcome letter with instructions on contacting the five state licensed producers.:thumbsup:
  14. Anonymouse

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    APPLICATION DATE FOR MCP (Medical Cannabis Program): 3/15/2010

    APPROVAL DATE (MCP): 4/1/2010

    ISSUES WITH MCP: First Cancer doctor (Guidice) was against MMJ, had to see one in Sante Fe

    APPLICATION FOR PPL (Personal Production License) DATE: 3/15/2010

    APPROVAL DATE (PPL): 4/20/2010

    ISSUES WITH PPL:Takes a little while, but they only seem to process them a couple times a month.

    I am one happy gardener now!
  15. Sandia

    Sandia Registered+

    APPLICATION FOR PPL (Personal Production License) DATE: 19 April 2010

    APPROVAL DATE (PPL): 12 May 2010


    I received an Email from Dominick Zurlo up in Santa Fe at the DOH. He explained to me that there are two separate tracks for applications to go. The one for the Medical Cannabis Card....and the one for the Personal Production License. The MCP goes to the medical director and the PPL goes through him. He must have the MCP approval prior to issuing the PPL (makes sense to me). Anyhow both apps for me were submitted on 19 APR and I received the MCP on 28 April and the PPL on 12 May. Not too shabby when you think about the staff that they have on hand. Heck a buddy in Colorado submitted his in December 09 and still has yet to receive his card!
  16. chance942

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    APPLICATION DATE FOR MCP (Medical Cannabis Program):5/4/10

    APPROVAL DATE (MCP):5/14/10

  17. xsnoder

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    The NMMCP program just dosen't have enough money It also lacks financial resources. Lobbiest are working to get the state to dedicate more money to the program as we speak. The state is also starting to hire more people (from what I hear) to get the flood of applications movring. This was at a stand still a month ago, but I believe things are starting to change..
    Info via MPP
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  18. chief801

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    Mailed both on april 22
    received card on may 16 and prod cert about a week later

    no problems or issues, I got a response back after inquiring about the status of my application by email

    appears their doing the best they can
  19. firestartersydd

    firestartersydd Registered+

    Finally sent off the paperwork for my personal production liscence today.....lets see what happens!
  20. Sandia

    Sandia Registered+

    That's AWESOME news Firestarter! Sending you good Karma and hope that you get the "certificate" soon!!!!


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