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    Personally I like the taste of weed. I do. Sue me. I love steak too but I don't want it every single meal. So why would I want the sane taste tincture every day? I don't.

    I'm a dyi'er. I like to make what I can. I enjoy it. Theraputic if you will. Especially after 4-5 bt's of a rockin' sativa and an afternoon to my own devices.

    I just made a strawberry and a blackberry tincture. Couldn't be easier. Oz of cut up fruit and oz of grain vodka in a canning jar. 80 proof booze off the shelf. Oh, and time.

    Tinctures take time to "cook." Whether herb, fruit or bark the longer the soak the better the finished product.

    I made a rosemary a month ago and used it to flavor a hash tincture (1mL rosemary tincture to 30mL weed tincture). Awesome.

    I haven't tried the herbs/fruits for cooking but will soon. Ever had rosemary potatoes? Oh my. A few squrts of this stuff might just rock dinner. Booze burns off when cooking while flavor seeps into potato. What about garlic you ask? I can't believe I haven't started one yet.

    Tinctures rock.

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