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    20180422_185048.jpg 20180422_185824.jpg 20180422_190053.jpg 20180422_190951.jpg 20180422_200203.jpg 20180422_212030.jpg I have become smithen' with tinctures. They hit quick and hard and last longer then smoking, although smoking with tinctures just adds to the effect. COOL!

    This lazy Sunday I am making hash and flower tinctures. I'm getting bubble hash for $10 a gram and use a half gram for each 20 mL of 200 proof grain alcohol. I'll add 10 mL of quality H2o after cooking to make it easier to administer under the tongue.


    0.5 grams of hash or 1 gram of flower

    Decarb. Break up hash and/or flower, place in folded, sealed foil. Bake at 250 F for 30 minutes. Allow to cool.

    Place in small bottle, add 20 mL alcohol (151 Everclear or stronger - I'm using 200 proof) and place in a crock pot on warm with enough water to match the level of the fluid in the bottle. Cook for one hour.

    Remove from heat and allow to cool. Add 10 mL of water and fill with alcohol (a few mL of alcohol will dissipate while cooking). If using 151 proof do not add water, just fill bottle with alcohol, unless you're a whimp and can't take the heat! You can add as much water as you want Nancyboy, but remember, it dilutes the solution.

    Shake daily and keep in a cool dark place. The hash will dissolve in a few days and it's ready, although the longer it sits the better it becomes.

    For flowers follow the above but after several days (weeks?) soak, strain mix through cheese cloth and return to bottle.

    Tinctures last a long time, although I've never had one last me more than a few weeks. Good stuff, and with the small amounts of this recipe everyone should at least give it a try.

    If you want stronger medicine cook the mix for several hours or more. I find a longer cooking time makes the mix better for sleep, but for daytime use a 60 minute cook time works well.

    All tinctures seem to improve over time, or so I understand. If I am able to produce a few oz's this year I may find out.

    Dosage: If you're like me a mL (two dropper fulls) in morning coffee is a good start, but maybe you better start with a drop or two under the tongue (hold for 20 seconds) and go from there.
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