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    I have made vegetable glycerin tincture and I'm pretty sure I totally screwed it up.
    Here is what I did step by step.
    1. Using a hand grinder ground an once if bud.
    2. Spread it evenly on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper
    3. Placed in an oven preheated to 200 and cooked for 60 min. I was careful to not open the oven after the bud was placed inside so the temp didn't flux.
    4. After 60 min I took the bud out and let it cool.
    5. I placed half oz of the bud in two cups of glycerin in a quart Mason jar
    6. I filled my Crock-Pot on to low and placed the jar of bud and glycerin for 24 hours. It maintained at 150 degrees for the 24 hours.

    Now. I am making candies and it doesn't appear this tincture I am putting in my gummies has ANY potency at all. I researched and found that I could lose up to 30% of potency and the bud started with 22% so I should be at about 15%-16%... And yet while these gummies are being tested.. basically nothing.

    What did I do wrong?!
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    It was under decarbed. :(
    Time:temp was way off.
    At 212°F., THC-A will decarb. in 5 to 6 hours or more.
    Next time, try 250°F. for about a half hour.

    The good news is, decarboxylization occurs even at room temperature, albeit very slowly. In several months those Gummies will be quite strong.
    Stale, but strong. :D

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    Here is a chart of how to decarb and different temps and result..

    Also I have made many veg glycerin and because it does not for lack of betters words at 5 am keep collecting forever and absorption rate is very little compared to alcohol the way I do my glycerins now is to first make green dragon the evaporate off the alcohol and then mix what's remaining which should be 50-70% or higher thc oil in with glycerin..

    Keep in mind I test my stuff so I know how much glycerin to mix in with my thc aka Phoenix tears...

    I do all my goodies this way because I need the strong stuff because well I am used to it and well I have made a lot of e juice and every other edible under the moon even dehydrated fruits (yuck)

    If you can't test you might not mix in enough or too much glycerin..

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