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  1. chance942

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    Has anyone had the privilege of using one? I got the grain based and want to try the olive oil soon. The alcohol is awful and burns like hell but it gets better to me anyway.Hope everyone is well.
  2. olliegrow

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    They are usually pretty rough to take, i had some alcohol tincture and ended up smoking it instead of drinking it...
  3. ManOBuds

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    I like BHO much better.
  4. chance942

    chance942 Banned

    Yes the taste,the burn,was awful at first. It was great for pain though.I'm sure it varies by strain and this batch may be hard to top!It was trim from NL,LSD,NY Diesel,Wreck . The Wreck was almost all white and I can taste it every time. It's nice to have some good medicine. I don't know what grade these strains get but they are the real deal to me.
  5. chance942

    chance942 Banned

    BHO? Can you elaborate? Is that like Bhang?
  6. ManOBuds

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  7. chance942

    chance942 Banned

    Hey Thank You Bud Man.Much obliged! Really.
  8. budlover13

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    I add 1 tbsp/oz honey to my home-made Green Dragon. Kills the burn and sweetens it nicely.
  9. MadSativa

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    I have had alot of tincturs that were good, the best is made of glycerin, taste like nuthing and is easy to consum, 1/2 a ounce or half a shot is enough to lay a elephant out. these are very hard to make becaseu of the time needed. I hear if you get a oz of bho or my fav, high quaility water extract and mix it with about 2 liters of glicerin then put it on a paint mixer for about 5 days it is great and almost all of the pure extract is absorbed into the 2 liters of glyserin, then you symply add more glycerin and more Pure extract to make more out of the hash that didnt absorb in to the mix. the result is a potent glycerin tht has no taste is absorbed into the body in minutes from the mouth alone and when consumed is just as quick, it is a very amazing thing getting blazed off of half a shot the feeling of cannabis coming over you like fraigt train messagging your brain and all the you can thinks is "shit this is awsome".

    I also saw a video of HashBean making a glycerin tincture out of about 1 gram of bho and 8 oz of glycerin, worth a look for if you guys like the tinctures

    I have also herd of tinctures that are so potent a small spray in the mouth under the tonge is all that is needed, and the effect is instant tanious, with in 20 seconds, I have yet to try this one out, but I have seen it.
  10. Feijao

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    When I was in Colorado I made three types. Honey, Glycerin, and Alcohol. Alcohol was by far the most potent but was hard to take alone. Its much better if the desired amount is diluted in something that you like to drink such as tea, juice, or soda. The alcohol tinctures can also be produced much faster than the others. This is of great concern when you have patients that need a steady supply of tinctures.

    ps. If you have a bottle of alcohol tincture that just cant be taken for any reason you should pour it out in a pan and let the alcohol evaporate. Once it does you can smoke the residue that is left.
  11. Graywolf

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    Yes, we make tinctures using alcohol, oil, and glycerin. You can extract directly with any of them and except for glycerin, you can also dissolve BHO, QWISO, QWET, etc oil directly into them.

    Glycerin will not do so readily, but is easily produced by both the long cold process and a short hot process. I'll post a procedure for both once I have a chance to sort out enough pictures to demonstrate my points.

    As noted, alcohol tinctures burn taken orally if they are full strength. If you reduce the amount of alcohol in it, at some point the percentage of alcohol is low enough that it no longer burns, but isn't all that tasty.

    I use a sublingual potion for my own medication that I named Holy Shit. It is basically oil with coconut oil, cinnamon oils and gum myrrh added to make it flow, improve the taste, and uptake faster. You might also do a search for that and give it a try.
  12. youdbsurprised

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    This worked well!
    Sweet and minimal burn...no more than mouth wash!
    But does the honey and tincture separate??
    I am no viscosity expert!!!
  13. BC1

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    if you want great tincture make your own, and to make things fast and easy, one secret, Magical Butter Machine.
    I am 66 and have been involved with cannabis since 1967
    for pain and high blood pressure use a indica dominant strain, make the alcohol tincture and put a drop or two in your coffee or tea in the morning
    2 or 3 drops in your cocktail in the evening
    it does burn if taken under the tongue but in about 15 minutes you are there
  14. Pupp

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    Traditionally, and possibly the medically correct terminology, is that a tincture is an alcohol based compound intended to be taken orally under the tongue. So an olive oil "tincture" wouldn't really be a tincture.
  15. Jay real

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    Hi . Mad
  16. Jay real

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    Hi mad sativa I am diabetic do you know of a alternative way to make tincture other than green dragon or glycerin? I hate the burn and I'm allergic to white liquor and glycerin is sugar. Help anyone
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  17. Pupp

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    Looking at the internet, looks like Glycerol would not cause your sugar levels to go up. I'd imagine if you use alcohol to infuse the glycerin/glycerol with the CBD oil, you could just heat it up and let the alcohol evaporate. I'd presume that is what businesses would do if they were selling CBD oil. Plus if your using it as a tincture, you would only need a couple drops or so under the tongue. If you need more, then I'd recommend making a more potent CBD oil the next time.
  18. Jay real

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    Thx I also did not decarb it and used magic butter machine 4 hrs setting ughhh. So frustrated.
  19. Jay real

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    hi BC1 do you decarb before using butter machine or nah?

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