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    So three weeks ago I finely chopped home grown rosemary and added it to 200 proof grain. Every time I've opened it I've wondered where the rosemary flavor/smell went. The alcohol overpowered the rosemary.

    Just opened it up and wow. Can't wait to add this to bread and other dishes. I also added 2 mL to an Indica hash tincture I made last week. YEAH! Great flavor. I'm betting that bottle will be gone in a day or two. ;)

    Gonna make thyme, sage and oregano ASAP!

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    Damn, made a PR OG, 1 gm to 20mL 200 proof and 10mL water on 4-22. Just strained and ended up with about 10mL total. Took 1 dropper (about 1/2 the actual glass dropper, some 1/2mL) and holy chit. The earth moved. 30 seconds under the tongue and BANG! Oh yeah, thought I was going to cut this with some 80 proof grain vodka but not now. Pink Floyd's Comfortably Numb comes to mind. I LOVE TINCTURES! You really gotta try this stuff.
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    Man that sounds lovely.
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    After 10 months of making tinctures and taking them pretty much daily I've seen a huge difference in my pain levels. I have a herniated disc in my low back (L4-L5) that I have been dealing with since my early 30's. I turn 60 in December so for the past decade I've also had to deal with disc degeneration. I live with some level of pain 24/7. It is what is.

    Since making tinctures and canna caps I have not once had a level 10 - total blackout, can't speak, hear or see. Fun times that only last a second or two but seem like forever and something you NEVER want to feel again, unless death follows. Yeah, that good.

    So, this couldn't be easier. One gram of quality flower, decarbed (ground, wrapped in foil and cooked at 250 degrees F for 30 minutes) mixed with 1 ounce 151+ alcohol and left to sit. A few hours, days, weeks, months, however long you can wait. I've enjoyed a few hours old tincture and a month plus old tincture. All work. When added to smoking it makes the high last longer as well as extended pain relief. Add a canna cap and I sleep well and wake clear headed, unlike prescription sleeping pills which I'll never take again. Walking into a door jam on the way to the head in the morning is just not all it's cracked up to be. That stuff is poison.

    For canna caps I use 00 caps, 1 gram ground/decarbed flower, 1 Tablespoon virgin coconut oil and a mini Crock Pot. Cook for at least 3-5 hours. Strain through cheese cloth and fill larger cap half and place smaller cap on, squeeze together until they lock/click. Keep in the fridge or freezer. I understand and have seen through experimenting that a longer cook time makes the end product a great sleep aid. I usually add a gram or two of steams and/or fan or bud leaves.

    I take some 4-6 mL a day of the tincture and up to 20 on days off (a drooper full is approximately 1/2 mL) as well as a few canna caps a week.

    Add in puffing my brains out nightly (daily on days off) and my pain level rarely goes beyond a 5-6. When pain levels go beyond 7, life isn't worth living.

    This stuff works. As an anti-inflamitory it's way stronger then synthetic codine (Vicodin is a fav for most) and doesn't have the horrible side-effects.
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    I have TS and back problems. I'm patiently waiting for the day Cannabis is legal in Tennessee.

    I'd probably smoke CBD, with negligible THC for that, but I'm all for smoking weed for recreational purposes also. But as a daily thing, definitively CBD.
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