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    So three weeks ago I finely chopped home grown rosemary and added it to 200 proof grain. Every time I've opened it I've wondered where the rosemary flavor/smell went. The alcohol overpowered the rosemary.

    Just opened it up and wow. Can't wait to add this to bread and other dishes. I also added 2 mL to an Indica hash tincture I made last week. YEAH! Great flavor. I'm betting that bottle will be gone in a day or two. ;)

    Gonna make thyme, sage and oregano ASAP!

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    Damn, made a PR OG, 1 gm to 20mL 200 proof and 10mL water on 4-22. Just strained and ended up with about 10mL total. Took 1 dropper (about 1/2 the actual glass dropper, some 1/2mL) and holy chit. The earth moved. 30 seconds under the tongue and BANG! Oh yeah, thought I was going to cut this with some 80 proof grain vodka but not now. Pink Floyd's Comfortably Numb comes to mind. I LOVE TINCTURES! You really gotta try this stuff.
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    Man that sounds lovely.
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