Tiny Black Bugs in My ROOTS

Discussion in 'Hydroponics' started by Oh-YAAA, Apr 24, 2011.

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    What are these? The roots are just filled with these and the plants look ok for now. I also notice some of them are flying. I could have 2 different bugs maybe. I grow with the bubbleponic system.

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  2. canniwhatsis

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    how tiny is tiny? Looks like it might be a root aphid. Those fuckers are bad news!
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  3. drudown11

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    you have a fucking battle ahead of you.

    Those are root aphids and when as they mature they develop wings and start flying around. The only way that i could ever get rid of them was to clean everything out and throw it away after harvest time. I tried killing them off with Azamax and bebeficial nematodes but it only held them off for so long, and then they come back.
  4. Weezard

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    Sympathy is in order.

    Afraid I have to second that.
    If you catch them before they hatch the adult flyers, they can be killed with Imid.
    But the adult flyers lay eggs everywhere.

    Bayer tree & shrub is a systemic that protects your plants from the inside, but must not be used in flower.

    It's toxic as all get out, that's why it works.
    I dose my 'lings with it now as a preventative.

    If you are already in flower, do not even think about using Imidachlor.

    Just scrap the grow and wipe down the room and all your gear with bleach.
    Then start over with a pre-emptive strike.

    It's all uphill from here.

  5. smileyface

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    Dude, that sucks big time! I had those root aphids in my soil grow. Used azamaz and azatrol for almost 2 months and it didn't kill them. I ended up throwing everything away. However! The first thing I tried was SNS 203. Same company who puts out 217 for spider mites. It worked the best. I didn't see anything crawling around after the first application of that, but they came back. You have to keep using it for a period of time because it doesn't kill the eggs so you have to wait for them to hatch and then die. The only place I was able to get it was online, that's why I tried the Azamax, it was easier to get. Wasted money. Try the SNS 203 if you can before you toss the girls
  6. Scribble2010

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    I had root aphids. They suck. I tried an Azamax drench twice and it did not work. I ended up using Sevin. It worked quickly. It's nasty stuff though. It is not systemic so it's ok to use in flower as long as you do not get any of it on buds. I would only treat the soil even if you were in veg. It is also not labeled for indoor use, but you can treat outside and bring them in after you treat them. I just sprinkled it on top of the soil and watered it in. They also make a liquid version that may be easier to use. Make sure you wear gloves, mask, and cover your arms when you apply. You do not want to inhale or smoke the stuff. I'm not suggesting that you use it, just saying that it works. Do your own research and make sure you use it properly, if you do.

    Another option is using a trap plant. Supposedly root aphids love nasturtiums. You can sprout some seeds and threat them with imidacloprid (bayer tree & shrub) then put them in your grow room. I have heard that the imidacloprid stays in the plants for a really long time and that it should not be used even in veg. BUT, if you use a trap plant you do not have to worry about that. Make sure you sprout your own nasturtiums though. You wouldn't want to introduce any other insects from a nursery plant.

    I thought I had fungus gnats for the longest time and did nothing until the problem was out of control. Sevin killed them fast, but I started getting weird dead splotches on my leaves, then the leaves would die. I believe this is from the root damage. I also started getting premature yellowing in two other plants that I also believe is from the root damage. It still looks like I will get an OK harvest, but definitely not as good as it could have been.
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    azamax and yellow sticky tape.thats how i stopped them!

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