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Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by downundadude, Sep 3, 2006.

  1. downundadude

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    after i water my soil/plant ive noticed heaps of tiny white bugs with many legs crawling and occasional jumping all over the soil but dissapere back in to the soil after 20secs after watering, i live in australia, not sure if bugs are different here?? set up is in a 20cm deep pot on a window seal indoors, i put it out in the rain sometimes. i noticed them about 3 weeks ago and the plant hasnt suffered in visible way.. i used a basic potting mix and water with filtered tap water and diluted fish emulsion every 3rd day the bugs are too small for my camera... does any body know what these critters are cuz i hate bugs..
  2. stinkyattic

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    Put diatomaceous earth on the surface of your soil and I'll bet they all die in a day.
  3. Padde

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    Use a 1L of water, 1/4 of ts neem oil, 1/4 of ts green saop,spray them with that solution, U can also water them. Not to much 1-2 a week. And stinkyattic has a good point.
  4. Fuzzburg

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    Anyone try this with the neem oil? I just ordered a small bottle. You just mix it and spray it directly on the soil?

    It won't harm the plant when you water it if this stuff is sprayed on the soil?
  5. johnnypants

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    I had the same thing from a bag of MG Organic. I talked to the garden center guy about them, and although he couldn't remember the name of them, he assured me they were not a problem... I asked if they were fungus gnats and he said no. He was right, I never had a problem and never did anything about them....

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