Tired of smoking the weed? Try drinking it!

Discussion in 'Recipes' started by EternalOverdose, Jan 21, 2007.

  1. EternalOverdose

    EternalOverdose Registered+

    I was getting quite bored of the same old high, smoking weed, having a burning throat and dry mouth, so i put some research into weed tea.

    i successfully made the tea and some of the remarks i got from my friends consisted of the following...

    Several people calling me a genious!!

    Well... Heres how i made it.

    You Will Need...
    1. some weed (1 gram or more)
    2. Measuring cup
    5.milk, water (EXTRA:sugar and a tea bag, flavor of choice...)
    6. the screen/ filter thing from the inside of your coffee pot. (the thing you put the coffee beens in when making coffee.


    1. first mix the milk and water together, on a ratio of about 3 parts water 2 parts milk. And pore this into your kettle. (milk is used because THC is not water soluble so it has to be dissolved out of the weed by a sort of fat lipide, also known as milk)

    2. Turn the kettle on and watch the level of the meter on the side carefully.
    You must have you're hand on the cord because once the water and milk starts to boil it will rise greatly at a fast speed. when this happens you must pull the cord out of the wall socket unless you want it overflowing all over your counter :p

    3. Put the weed in the coffee pot screen and place it inside the measuring cup just sitting on the bottom of the cup.

    4. pore the boiling milk and water into the measuring cup so that the coffee pot filter/screen thingy is filled with the boiling milk water. but not soo much that you cant pull it out again.

    5. after you let the filter with the weed in it sit for 2 minutes absorbing the THC from the weed pull it out and pour some more boiling water/milk through it, let is sit for 2 minutes,

    6. repeat the number 5 process until you have the desired amount of weed tea

    TIPS: take a tea bag and wrip it open, pour SOME of the ground up tea mixture into the coffee pot filter with the weed to give it a nicer taste,

    Also,,, you might want to add sugar, ( A LOT) because the weed tea's flavor is kind of bitter

    :Rasta: :Rasta: :pimp:
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  2. timothylearyisdead

    timothylearyisdead Registered+

    you are a genius. this should be sticky in the recreational section.
  3. EternalOverdose

    EternalOverdose Registered+

    what do yu mean?
  4. Skink

    Skink Registered+

    well I don't know if he's a genius,,,but I will give it a try...
  5. BizzleLuvin

    BizzleLuvin Registered+

    zomg thanks so much! i cant wait to try this!
    p.s. can i use my tea tincture? can i use a paper coffee filter? can i use my flour sifter as a filter? does it smell like herb?
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  6. 420purpHAZE420

    420purpHAZE420 Registered+

    every1 post ur results on this, im not risking the weed without others having confirmed that this works
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  7. EternalOverdose

    EternalOverdose Registered+

    OH yeah i think i shud post this before everybody gets mad at me... it takes about 15- 30 minutes to feel the effect of weed tea but it lasts for twice as long as smoking weed , well for me EASYBAKE:eek:

    But weed tea has a real pleasant, calming effect its so zen man, mellow, u kno
  8. EternalOverdose

    EternalOverdose Registered+

    dude.. its a gram, and i ur that cheap try a fin (0.5):yippee:
  9. BizzleLuvin

    BizzleLuvin Registered+

    answer my question! can i use a tea tincture, a flour sifter or a paper coffee filter? how does it smell? what does it taste like when its done? can i use the soggy weed again like you can with a tea bag?i might try making some tea this afternoon
  10. EternalOverdose

    EternalOverdose Registered+

    Ummm. a tea tincture as the little metal ball thing with the wholes in it?, yeah i suppose you could use that, it might actualy work better cuz then you could twirl it around in the boiling water/milk and absorb more thc,

    And it smells like weed smoke, it tastes quite creamy because of the milk,
    but most of the taste depends on what kind of tea mixture u mix it with, be creative...
    and sauggy weed sould work any weed with thc will work.
    i suggest you dont use a lot of weed because it is your first time making weed tea so u might mess it up

    (add sugar) :p:p;) , just be carefull because remember the effects take about 15- 30 minutes
  11. 420purpHAZE420

    420purpHAZE420 Registered+

    well i am cheap, but i never really pay for weed, it would most likely be my friends weed(rich friends)...so i dont want to waste my friends weed, its nice enough theyre smoking me out
  12. BizzleLuvin

    BizzleLuvin Registered+

    ^^^ thanks EO
  13. Skink

    Skink Registered+

    I made firecrackers once from a recipe in the recipe forum,,,wasted my pot,,, so Bizz and the rest please post your results... this thread is gonna be moved so watch for it in recipes...
  14. hello3pat

    hello3pat Registered+

    This sounds very inerseting but will it cause my house to smell of weed?
  15. 420purpHAZE420

    420purpHAZE420 Registered+

    yea thats what got me to ask the question, i saw that firecracker forum and it just seemed like a lot of people wasted a lot of weed
  16. EternalOverdose

    EternalOverdose Registered+

    I't will give off a sent of weed but not very strong at all, i did it beside an open window and my mom who was in the other room dint even notice.

    NOTE, i also had a fan on, and basicaly did it on the window ledge:jointsmile:
  17. mfitzp

    mfitzp Registered+

    is this for real? none of u guys made weed tea before? lol ive tried it works grand theres a realy nice smell of weed off it tastes excelliant and the high is fairly nice might want to use abit over a gram though well i do anyways lol
  18. Skink

    Skink Registered+

    OK peeps I got sum dro and will document the procedure... I would like to find a alternative to smoking and what the heck...
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  19. Nochowderforyou

    Nochowderforyou Registered+

    Use Whole milk for best results here people. :thumbsup:

    Other than that, seems like it would work.
  20. Skink

    Skink Registered+

    I am using evaporated milk cause it calculates to twice the fat as whole milk...thoughts???

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