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Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by yabatab, Jun 23, 2006.

  1. yabatab

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    I posted this on another thread but I think
    this is the forum were it applies the best.
    Because I think alot of new growers come
    to this forum for growing tips.

    Some growers get to complicated in their growing methods and take
    all the fun out of it. Growing is meant to be enjoyed. My advice
    to any new grower indoor or out door is to buy a simple grow
    book Ed Rosenthal's books are the ones i enjoyed the most,
    simple and to the point, and that if you are a beginner do
    not expect some miraculous yield your first time around.
    You will pick up little tricks of the trade with each grow and
    over all make it an enjoyable experience not a stressful one.
    Trying to fit all you have herd into your first go around will
    only leave you in disappointment and possibly so feed up
    that you give up on another try.
    Keep it simple, good soil, an easy to grow strain, proper
    lighting, and the right pH level plant foods for each
    stage of growth is what you need to stick to. Do not
    get caught up in complex growing methods when starting
    out it will only lead to frustration. I want people to fall in
    love with growing not having it become a chore.

    Happy Growing To All!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. LIP

    LIP Banned

    Good point, that's why i dont think i'll ever really get into hydro, because i think for me it'd take the fun out of it, and make me seriously think if i can be bothered to keep going.

    Good words man, good words and very true.
  3. Jdog7000

    Jdog7000 Registered+

    I first learned from the high yield guide for indoor growing by ed rosenthal.

    Lip hydro isn't that hard.
    You just have to be able to check on your plants once or twice a day.
    My first grow was hydro.
    And it wasn't that hard.
    It just takes a little more attention.
    If a pump dies or something you have to fix it right away.
    But as long as you can measure stuff.
    Hydro is easy.
  4. kingjustin

    kingjustin Registered+

    I kinda prefer playing in the dirt more than pushin fluids.
    Seems more....earthy.
  5. Garden Knowm

    Garden Knowm Registered+

    I like soil..
    I love pushing fluids!

    : )
  6. Pothead4204life

    Pothead4204life Registered+

    I agree...I grow as a release...I come home from school/work have a stressed out day..go back and look at my plants and tend to mind just completely lets go of all my stress....It good for your health..seriously....
  7. Login Failed

    Login Failed Registered+

    I agree with pothead, very stress relieving to go and tend to your plants.

    Some of the finished goods also helps!
  8. h3o

    h3o Registered+

    Well i've always said to myself i think growing keeps me young i'm 44 right now but feel like im still 20 years old.
  9. diche

    diche Registered+

    this is my first grow. and i have found that the beginning, seedlings part is the most stressful. but now that they have taken off, it is much nicer seeing and tending to them, evn tho i feel paranoid in my spot
  10. yabatab

    yabatab Registered+

    I tried a singel plant with hydro once. It wasnt that bad but to much
    fiddleing with lines sub pumps and correct pH levels. Soil is plant, water
    feed, light and be happy.
  11. kdizzal

    kdizzal Registered+

    i agee with you pothead...the next best thing to puffing on high quality budz is... contributing to growing high quality budz...itz enjoyable...peace and luv :Rasta:
  12. andy4466uk

    andy4466uk Registered+

    this is my first grow, i'm using a hydroponic system but i only check mine every couple of days, its very easy i find and i get excited every time i'm going to check ,relax while i'm there and come away contented. money and time well spent i'd say - and i've yet to smoke any :)
    i started this with a "give it a go" attitude but now really enjoy it - am already viewing the crop as a bonus!
    As for hydro being hard - i knew nothing ,have done nothing apart from feeding every couple of days and adjustin the ph weekly and i got these comming - when you compare these to the dead tomatoes in my garden i know which i think is easiest!
  13. yabatab

    yabatab Registered+

    Im not against hydro don't get me wrong. If you do your
    research and put a little time and effort into it before
    the grow you will be pleased at results from either method.

    Im just stating that some new growers try and fit all they hear
    into their first time and end up with a mess and disappointment.

    But I prefer soil over hydro just a personal preference for me.
  14. Pothead4204life

    Pothead4204life Registered+

    what you put in your what you get out....
  15. yabatab

    yabatab Registered+

    Some basics on plant foods and fertilizers for new growers.

    Fertilizer labels always have three hyphenated numbers, such as
    20-20-20, which is called the guaranteed analysis. If you remember
    anything from high school chemistry, perhaps N-P-K will help N=nitrogen
    P=phosphurus K=potassium.

    NITROGEN: It is the main nutrient plants use to grow new leaves
    and stems.
    PHOSPHORUS: promotes the growth of roots and the formation of
    POTASSIUM: supports all phases of growth and helps plants with their
    natural defenses against disease and insects.

    This is why you have differnt levels of N-P-K for each
    stage of growth.

    Keep in mind plants do not live alone on N-P-K. They also need
    other nutrients, including calcium, magnesium and sulfur.
    This where some compost could provide these other nutrients
    Here is one easy and cheap way to add these other needed
    nutrients to your plant.

    take about 1 gal. of fresh compost 4 gal. of warm water
    put the compost into a pantyhose tie it at both ends.
    put that into the 4 gallons of warm water let that sit for
    about 3 day. Give your plants a good watering with that
    every 3 weeks it will help out in providing extra nutrients
    to your plants that some commercial plant foods do not

    (Anyone else that has some tricks of the trade maybe post them here
    to help out new growers. I hope that wasn't complicated i tried not to
    get to over the top in my explanations of all that.)

    Happy growing!!!!!!!!
  16. stjimmy

    stjimmy Registered

    deep water culture is easy as falling off a log... i use RO water and my rez temps stay 68-70 ... i don't even do water changes... just add back water and enough nutes in a fixed ratio to keep my ppm's on target.

    keep your area clean and the rez cool and light tight, you're good to go. i started off in DWC and am glad i did it, it's cheap, low maintenance, and works well enough i don't want to try anything else really.

    truly all it takes is a little effort, and a great place like this to glean some knowledge.
  17. Jdog7000

    Jdog7000 Registered+

    I grow in Soil too.
    I just don't think hydro is that difficult.

    As far as checking your plants every 3 days or so.
    Thats not enough in my opinion.
    I've seen plants hermie in 3 days.
    I've seen them die from pumps dying.Things that could be avoided with a little attention.
    Also mites always invade an unattended garden.
  18. yabatab

    yabatab Registered+

    Yes i agree if you are growing indoors at least check
    on your plants once a day. For wilting color changes
    or anything else that might indicate disease or insect
    Outdoor growing might not be as easy to keep tabs on
    if you have a plot that is miles away from your house, so
    any preemptive measures that can be taken against plant
    disease and pest control is a must.

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