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Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by JaggedEdge, Oct 23, 2006.

  1. JaggedEdge

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    Ok, I used the search feature and didn't find anything that was really helpful. There needs to be a way to find fewer results. Maybe there is and I'm just not doing it right, I'm not sure... Anyway.

    I'm wondering what is better for conserving weed. I usually just break up the buds by hand and pack them into the bowl. My girlfriend thinks grinding the weed makes it burn more evenly and we use less of it. I think grinding it makes it burn faster and we would use more of it because we would put more of it in the bowl. Does anyone know which method is actually better when your trying to make an 1/8th last as long as possible (hopefully a week?)
  2. led.zeppelin

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    If your trying to make it last a week, stop smoking so much. If you cant go a day without being high consider yourself addicted. Gravity bongs and spots (hot kniving) are good for conserving
  3. Dankmike

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    i think grinding the weed (not too fine) makes it burn slower and more evenly and if your trying to conserve or not, grinding is the way too go.

    like 3 complete turns and you get the perfect mix.
  4. grinding weed for a bowl makes it burn way faster, it is true that you get just about the same ammount of smoke either way, but i'm sure you lose a little bit more with grinded....

    as a strict and i mean strict personal rule, i never grind unless i'm about to roll a joint.. i don't even really grind my weed when i roll a blunt, since blunts are a bit more workable, i just make sure the weed is in peices about the size of bb's and there are no stems in it. for a bowl, i just pull off a peice of bud that will fit perfectly snug in my bowl and break it into 4 or 5 peices.

    and test this for yourself, grind a bowls worth the weed, take note of how many hits the bowl gives before it's offically cashed, then trying to keep everything the same (the ammount of time you leave the lighter on it, the size of the pulls ect...) but this time, just break a bowls worth of the weed into 4-6 small sized peices.
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  5. BobBong

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    Don't smoke!!


    Of course grinding your bud will make it burn more evenly.. faster? no.. depends on how you look at it.

    Grinders > scissors

  6. JaggedEdge

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    I already had a post on here about how I'm going to abuse one mind altering drug or another. Yes, I choose to smoke everday in order to deal. If not weed than a drink, but it would always be something.

    Ok, well since it didn't seem all that conclusive I will just break up the nug as usual, thanks for the responses.

    When I have more time, and patience, I may try to take notes on both grinding and just breaking up the nug. If I do eventually do it I will probably post the results, but finding the constant may be a little difficult.
  7. Transition Force

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    Grinding makes rollin joints easier, and (depending on your grinder) it has the nice ability of being able to collect kief - and kief is the shit.
  8. JaggedEdge

    JaggedEdge Registered+

    Nah, my grinder is a cheap plastic $10 grinder. But I always grind when I roll a joint it just works a lot better. Packing a lose bowl doesn't bother me the way a losely packed joint does.
  9. LIP

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    Personally for me i grind all my bud, for joints and for my bong. I even grind it on the rare occasions i use a pipe.

    For me it burns more evenly, which means a bigger hit and less smoke, but everyone has differnt ways of smokin it.

    Just do what you think works best for you.
  10. jay42

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    Ground weed will burn faster-more surface area to burn.
  11. Abattoir Dream

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    8< - scissors! - >8 nah, i use scissors or just pack it without grinding it, that way its harder to pull through and seems to make it a stronger hit, each to their own tho,
  12. LIP

    LIP Banned

    Sorry, i meant less smoke wasted.
  13. Reefer Rogue

    Reefer Rogue Registered+

    Grind it up for a joint, break it up with your hands for a bowl...
  14. halosin8r

    halosin8r Registered+

    I take an Oz of reg, de-seed it, put it in the coffee grinder, I end up with what appears to be less mass.
    but I swear it lasts longer
    + i just dip the head of the slider in my bag and I got a packed bowl.
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  15. Cyclonite

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    You will get the same amount of smoke either way...when you grind it you can fit more in there and it burns longer. Grinding makes stronger hits and doesn't burn as long if you have the same amount but like I said you can fit more in when you grind. Just buds you get weaker hits but it burns longer. The best most efficient way is oral consumption....that's too much for me sometimes though. I'm done for the day if I eat it.
  16. UKdruglover

    UKdruglover Banned

    Deffo 2 grind
  17. hammertime

    hammertime Registered+

    grind for blunts and j's and break up for bowls and bongs, thats what i usually do
  18. Big_Smoke

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    i alwayz use a grinder!

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