To kava or not to kava

Discussion in 'Medicinal Cannabis and Health' started by robert42, Apr 9, 2007.

  1. robert42

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    Hey guys and girls! ;)

    Has anyone here used Kava for anxiety? and if so was it effective?

    I know about the liver damage (although it is blown out of proportion i read today in all the years only 26 people have suffered liver failures due to high doses and use with other liver damaging products)

    Im thinking of taking it (not daily) but every other day for a while, as im under a bit of stress recently as im moving...

    any info is great.

    Many thanks
  2. Greenport

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    nothing to do with this post but robert ur sig made me lol.
  3. skarz

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    If you're not using it daily, you should be fine. I'm not giving you medical advise, go consult your doctor, but I use Kava quite a bit and I haven't noticed any change, in either physical/psychological. The liver damage is extremely rare from just kava use alone. Kava is an awesome plant ally, I highly recommend it.
  4. mrdevious

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    The liver damage thing is more a matter of misinformation based in ignorance. Kava root, the part used to properly make a kava drink, is what's been used for thousands of years. Liver problems only came up because western users who had recently discovered it, started using the rest of the plant. While the root is harmless, the rest of the plant is the part that's toxic to your liver. And so the FDA and others panicked and declared kava a liver-damaging substance, when in reality the dangers are only from improper cultivation.

    Anywhoo, I've tried kava in the form of caplets and dried root, and it's disappointed me time and time again. It's probably just me of course, but it never did ANYTHING to me whatsoever.
  5. Inferius

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    I didn't like it.
    Took it a few different times,
    each time it made me feel... unhappy.
    Just generally shitty. It was this strong paste extract that was supposed to be active in a dose the size of a pea. Me and a friend ate about a grapes worth each and he spent the next thirty minutes destroying my wall with wax while I felt extremely angry, but muted in a way that just felt... shitty...
    Like a bad benzo expirience... not for me.
  6. skarz

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    Kava is pretty nasty tasting, but I feel the effects are worth gulping it down. I don't like the extracts and capsules, I think Kava should be used in it's traditional way, by making a strong drink out of it. Depending on dosage, you can feel slight euphoria, to full on drunkenness at high doses. This is kinda random, but if you've ever watched the show "Survivor", they had an episode with Kava in it. It was from the "Vanuatu" season, a lot of Kava comes from the Fiji and Vanuatu islands. One guy drank entirely too much and got pretty smashed. Erowid is the best place to do your research, they have a lot of info on Kava, just search for it.
  7. surreys princess

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    here there are a lot of fijian people, and there are kava shops everywhere...

    we drank some kava with some friends, and it was weird, totally different than anything tastes like is like drinking mud, but it is pretty wicked effects wise..i cant compare it to anything else, it was so unique..

    i hear the pills are supposed to treat anxiety well, and work wonders, though i dont know from personal experience..many homeopathic doctors here give kava for anxiety, depression, and a bunch of other ailments...


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