to pull or to cut??

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by nugssgalore, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. nugssgalore

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    Here's a question for the expert outdoor growers....a few of my outdoor girls are ready to harvest and I'm wondering if I should pull them up by the roots and hang them upside down to dry or cut off the main stalk (maybe leaving a few underdeveloped buds near the base to fill out) and hang up the main stalk. Will the flavor be sweeter if I pull the whole root structure? They are root bound now but the color and trichomes seem to be ready on 3 of the 8 plants.

    If I could figure out how to post a pic I would. :wtf:
  2. bobjob4u

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    i would cut and hang. Inless you wants dirt to stick all over your buds. But everyone has ther way..
  3. sunbiz1

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    For what's it's worth, here is how I harvest my girls outdoors:

    I spend 4-6 weeks harvesting. I remove arms from plants early b/c I find that they will continue to flower from the arm point of removal for up to 4 weeks.

    I short, don't cut the entire plant unless necessary IMHO.
  4. nugssgalore

    nugssgalore Registered+ are hilarious! I didn't even think of the dirt but I WAS going to hose off the roots....seems silly now. I sometimes miss the obvious. :D

    and sunbiz what do you mean "the arm point of removal"? are you talking about topping the biggest colas or the very top or the side branches or what?

    I know a grower up north that tried to take off the biggest center colas in hopes of raising the yield and he said the bottom ones never filled out and just went to cr*p, which was a shame because he was going to sell to dispensaries. I hear they won't buy unless you have a full pound to sell.
  5. 9fingers

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    The old school way of harvesting was to pull the plant, roots and all, then hang them upside down so all the THC would leave the roots and go to the buds. Well it doesn't work that way. The THC or trichomes grows on the buds and stays there. The reason we hang them upside down is because it is easier. So when it's time to harvest I cut off the load bearing branches and go from there. I wish there was something I can use the branches for after harvest.:jointsmile:
  6. nugssgalore

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    thanks 9fingers.... I was also thinking that to pull the roots was just an old "hippy myth".

    And if you have nice sized branches you can always use them after harvest as skewers for kebobs on the barbecue.;) That's what I do with my rosemary branches.....twould smell great also! Course there is the legality problem or maybe the problem with all the neighbors showing up ready to eat. :smokin:
  7. oldhaole

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    Hey nugs...listen up

    Wan't the biggest harvest possible...stage harvest them. Wander out each morning, cut the fattest buds, take them in and trim them down. Next day repeat.

    This slow harvest will increase your available yield by 20% easy. I just made the mistake of taking a few whole plants to get my patients off my back. Mistake. Lost some decent yield.

    Sunbiz is right. 4-6 weeks

    You came this far, get the max out of them
  8. nugssgalore

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    oldhaole...thanks for the advice...does it make a difference if they are in pots and getting kind of root bound? Also one plant has completely lost its dry yellow fan leaves so I'm thinking that one might be done.

    I'm also going away sailing for 3 days so I have my fingers crossed they can get by on being flushed tonight and also that I won't get ripped off. They are on a top story outside deck of a remote locked house so any thieves would have to do some serious breaking and entering to get at em or else have a big ladder!:D
  9. oldhaole

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    If its in the pot, stage harvesting will let the smaller buds that don't get good sun fatten up. It can't hurt. It is worth it.

    The problem is leaving them for 3 days...big no no. If I were in your shoes I would take the top that has lost her leaves. Leave the rest. If you get ripped, at least you got something. And if they are still there when you get back, then take your time and stage them.

    Good Luck

    PS Lock up or stash or bust all ladders in a half mile range. :D
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  10. yetibear

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    :thumbsup:THAT'S EXACTLY WHY I COME ON HERE!!!! Great idea!!! would have never thought of that!!!! thanks oldhaole:smokin::cool:
  11. oldhaole

    oldhaole Registered+


    If anybody can learn from my mistakes, it makes me happy as a pig in slop!
  12. nugssgalore

    nugssgalore Registered+

    ha!! Good advice on the ladders! There aren't any around there that I know of but thanks. I have my fingers crossed and hope to see my ladies when I get back, and will stage harvest after that.

    I'm off sailing from Ventura, CA over to Santa Cruz Island for 3 days....very remote and pristine place, part of Channel Islands State Park. Hope my back holds out....if the water is warm enough the swimming and snorkeling will be good for it. 63 degrees aint bad...ha! wish I was in Hawaii or the Caribbean, but life is good.
  13. oldhaole

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    Dude, Sounds like Fun

    All except that 63 degree water temp part :D Take your wetsuit and weights

    Take a couple of fishing poles and hook yourself dinner. Lucky F**ker
  14. nugssgalore

    nugssgalore Registered+

    That was a joke about the water temp....I dont like it that cold but whaddya gonna do? I dont wear a wetsuit, not even fins, totally a la natural for me, but I'm a girl and have my own "insulation" from the cold...kind of like a sea lion. ;) (don't say "blubber" ! ) hehehe. I envy you your warm water in hawaii, I luv to snorkel there.

    I decided that it WAS actually too early to cut my plants since after cutting a couple of heavy tops a week ago, those plants seem to be putting out extra white pistils all over the place...gee, I had thought they were almost all orange with milky trichomes but nooooooooooooooo.
  15. oldhaole

    oldhaole Registered+

    You have the right idea.

    I read this here a ways back. I forgot who said it but it still holds true. How many posts do you see that read... Oh Shit I let my plants overmature vs Oh Shit I took them too early?

    Have Fun.

    And when I dive here I wear a wetsuit and a lot of weight. Once you get below 10 ft it gets cold...everywhere, even here. It make it so you can stay in the water for a long long time. Check it out if you can.
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  16. LetsSeeYa

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    Thats how im going about my harvest, take whats done and leave the rest to get bigger, just hoping for more sun. And i always harvest this way inside, the lower buds get so much bigger, plus if you give them time, they will grow more buds inside. I had 3 harvests on the re vegged ones outside around Jan.

    I hope ya get what your wanting sis:Rasta:
  17. Stomper420

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    What a bright idea!!!! Im gonna try that on my last plant. Top buds are done but the lower ones are not...

    Stage the byatch....Whodda thunk:wtf:
  18. nugssgalore

    nugssgalore Registered+

    Okay, I'm back...the sailing was good except that 2 out of 3 days it was cloudy and drizzled rain. I came back to rain but the ladies were still there. I didn't get ripped off but I shook the water off and hauled them inside the sliding glass door and put a fan on em. The next day I took some of the heaviest buds but left them inside since it was still raining and rained hard today.

    Since the weather seems to be clearing up I am going to move them back outside tomorrow but I'm wondering if the decreased sun for 2 full days will screw up their flowering cycle? Gotta try anyway, I know they need the light. They are probably already stretching.
  19. oldhaole

    oldhaole Registered+

    Two days? Minor.

    Two days of inside should not hurt. Be safe and look for mold spots though. It can't hurt. As soon as the sun comes out back out they go.

    Hope ya have a nice warm couple of weeks. Glad nobody found a ladder. :D

    Ain't harvest fun?
  20. nugssgalore

    nugssgalore Registered+

    ok, thanks for the support. They are back in the sun and here in so cal it's supposed to be in the high 80's to 90's this weekend for 2 days. I'm thinking that will plump up the buds even more. My Silver Haze seems to be turning purple, the C-4 is just giant colas with pistils turning orange and very sticky. I am trying to be patient and trying not to harvest too soon but then I strong do I even want this stuff?? I am a lightweight when it comes to smoking. :D:cool::D

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