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Toledo Headshops?

Discussion in 'Ohio (OH)' started by Rustymetal, Dec 16, 2006.

  1. Rustymetal

    Rustymetal Registered

    Anyone around the Toledo area know some shops around here? The only know I know if is The Shed, which is not really a head shop, they do carry a few bowls, spoons, bongs.. but not much of a selection.

    Any help is appreciated, also if you wanna break in the new piece with me, hit me up. :stoned: :stoned:
  2. BUDhha

    BUDhha Registered+

    dont know any in toledo or around there. i live near dayton and there is a few around here but try bowling green they usually have head shops at colleges.
  3. Bree1978

    Bree1978 Registered+

    Yeah there is a great one on the east side. It's name is 632 Main st. It's located at 632 main st, lol. I love that place, good prices....don't talk about what you are buying while you are there though, just point.. B
  4. SPL00G

    SPL00G Registered+

    Scents & Nonsense
    more info ยป
    2036 N Holland Sylvania Rd
    Toledo, OH 43615

    a great one just have to ask to see the good stuff, as its all in a lil room that's not very noticeable, plus the old couple that work there r chill as fuck
  5. clepto43

    clepto43 Registered

    There's a really awesome place in Toledo called LOONAR STATION Located on the South Side of Cricket West, on the corner of Secor & Central here's a link to there web page Welcome to Facebook

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