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  1. w33dsp34k

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    (I don't know if this is in the right section, but...)
    Okay, I have been smoking for awhile, Everyday or so, and what I've been realizing that I don't get completely blown anymore. Should I take a tolerance break? And for how long should I stop?
    I have been smoking everyday for about a month? And used to smoke every weekend, then stop on weekdays. Should I re-start on that route, or just take a tolerance break? I am not that big, weighing about 140, 5'9, I am also a male.
    Please help, thanks a lot :]
  2. jackforest

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    In my experience, even if you lay off for a couple days it really helps. Although, with tolerance breaks, the longer the better. I usually attempt at a week and get bloody blazed at the end. However, my tolerance comes back within days I feel like.

    One of the best things I've found is smoking different strains. Different strains, different highs... better time
  3. w33dsp34k

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    Tomorrow I am getting some haze, and since I have been used to the og kush, its going to be a different high/better high
  4. Dream of the iris

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    Personally I would just resort to weekends. I mean it's healthier for you, less expensive, and at least for me, It makes the week day much easier because I remember things better and it free's up my evenings so I can do extra work. But if you don't want to do that then I would say at least every other day or something like that. Breaks definitely help but it's a hard thing to do when you're used to doing it everyday, especially when you have nothing better to do.
  5. smok3y

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    A few days of here and there do help.. If you really want to to take ur tolarence down stop for a week or two..

  6. JaySin

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    I've been on a tolerance break for almost a month now. Although I do still smoke when I'm offered which is about once a week, twice this week. I didn't really start to notice any real tolerance till after a year of daily smoking though. Recently I've been going through an eighter a week and with the prices up here it's enough to make a guy go broke. So now I'm just going to wait till I can harvest, then I'll be back to my every day routine because I'll have more then enough and by the time I'm done with that I'll have more ready to harvest. :D
  7. Coelho

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    Ok so last days i visited my parents and decided not to smoke there... and also use this time to have a tolerance break, cause my highs were not so good as they used to be anymore.
    Right now it was 9 days or more exactly 230 hours since the last time ive smoked. And i didnt felt the need, or any craving to smoke. I stopped of smoking, and it was perfectly natural. Now i feel like if i never had smoked. Before the break, when i was smoking everyday, i used to think that i couldnt endure more than 2 or 3 days without smoking, and that after this i would be crawling up the walls with the desire of smoking... but it wasnt so. At the 3rd day or so i felt a bit sad indeed, but it was very short. And since them it was like if i had completly forgotten what was to be high, or that i used to smoke and think i needed to smoke everyday. Now i know that i could stay without smoking for as long as i needed. In fact, even right now i dont even want to smoke. I will smoke only because i can, and because i know when i were stoned i will think "why did i waited SO long to smoke again?". I had several opportunities to smoke before now, but i didnt want so i didnt. Now i will break the break, and i wonder how much stoned i will get... maybe i will get even afraid... i dont know. I wish i get a mindblowing experience, preferibly a mystical one... maybe an OOBE... or something like this... anyway, soon i will know how it will be. So wish me luck!
    And now i will get my freshly made hash oil and will take off, to the stars, to the skies above, and to above the clouds!
  8. JohnnyZ

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    Wow dude, where can I get some of the shit you're smoking?
  9. Coelho

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    Well... if you ever come to Brasil, tell me so i can give you some of my purest hash oil for free! :thumbsup::stoned:

    And i think this break was very good indeed... i was planning to smoke some indica hash oil and then some sativa hash oil... but after i hit the indica hash oil i got unable to do anything else... after a couple of minutes staring at the lighter in one hand and the bottle i use to smoke in another, i decided i wouldnt able to smoke anything else, as i was losing the touch with the world. I had to use all my concentration to store them, and then i collapsed in my bed, where i really got stoned. I forgot more and more about where i was, who i am, etc... the only thing i knew is i was breathing, but even this was a strange thing. Several times i felt afraid as if i were forgetting something very important, like if i were sleeping while driving and some part of my mind kept trying to tell me that i couldnt sleep cause if i sleeped i would die... something like this... i wanted to let go but some part of my mind kept trying to make me remember that i was a person and that i should remember it, that i shouldnt forget it or i would die, or something else that was also bad... anyway it was a very intense experience, and i must say the break was very worth.

    And now i still have the sativa hash oil waiting for me... and i think it will fuck me completly... if the indica, which is far milder got me this way, i perfer not even to think how it will be the sativa trip... so please wish me luck cause now i think i realy will need it... :abduct:
  10. BBoyShotty

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    right on the nose, my friend. ahahah.
    Id like to take a break as well, but im just about done my exams so it might haveta wait a bit :hippy:

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