Tomato Plant Food can i feed it ?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by teegan, Sep 13, 2005.

  1. teegan

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    hi there,

    ive just found some in the greenhouse 4-4-8 will this be ok to feed to my baby ?

    by the way what the hell does it mean 4-4-8 ?

    ive seen you peeps talkin about it all over the place,could someone please explain,cheers

  2. SeedKing72

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    What state are you? I am a newbie so take this with a grain of salt, It would work, but its not the optimal thing to do. NPK is Nitrogen/Phosphurus/Pottasium. I think you would want a better Nitrogen ration for Veg More like a 2-1-1 (roughly) like 14-7-7 or 12-7-7 I thin for Flowering you want more Phosphurus, less Nitrogen so perhaps a 2-8-4. Now Take in mind I am a newbie, but I been doing all this research. I plan on using Fox Farm products: See at

    Please take this with a grain of salt, I am still learning. I use GOOGLE, and Jorge Cervantes book.
  3. teegan

    teegan Registered+

    thanks for that :cool:
  4. teegan

    teegan Registered+

    anyone any more input ?
  5. rysk8er420

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    dont use that shit, just go to your local gardening store, pick up at least a 10-15-10 fertilizer for vegging, and a 15-30-15 for budding and follow the directions on the box. After a while you will be able to tell when and how much your plants need food.

    Also even though your a new grower, i would suggest you try organics ferts which are much harder to "burn" your plants with, and as i said before, just follow the directions.
  6. SeedKing72

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    I agree... I do think the 10-15-10, should be more of a rationd of 2-1-1 ROUGHLY, you need more NITROGEN for VEG. Look up HYDROPHONICS in the yellow book, find a shop, they will have what you need. Even though I am newbie, I didnt want to risk my first grow dinking around with ferts, especially chemical.. I live in the neck of the woods and we have one HYDRO shop, and there was a 100 good choices of organic shit in there.. They gave me all kinds of flyers and feeding schedules, etc.. It cost me $14.00 for some VEG stuff (6-4-4), Notice there is more Nitrogen for VEG, I got some TIGER BLOOM for $14.00.. 2-8-4, Notice there is more Phosphurus for blooming.. Its all ORGANIC.. I wonder if I need to flush???
  7. teegan

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    cheers rysk8er420 and SeedKing72 thanks for the advice best get to the shops.

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