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  1. Sir Bliss

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    Hey, all. I currently have Tonsillitis. Yes, shoot me. It's terrible. I have these horribly painful white sores on the top of my mouth and all up in my throat. It's hell.

    Now, it's been getting worse lately, but I think I've hit the peak. Do you think it's chill to smoke a couple bowls? I smoked when it first started getting bad (a couple days ago) but haven't since. Anyone have any experience with this? Good idea? Bad idea? Neutral idea?

    I've always found in the past, that smoking while sick has helped me. Sore, it usually did nothing, neither good or bad. Thoughts would be appreciated.

    Smoke on. :stoned:
  2. Staurm

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    Dude, I send you a reiki, I know how you feel. I had a serious dose 10 years in Manchester, after drinking some punch in the pub I worked in at the time. Just as my girlfriend from Germany came to visit - I couldn't kiss her or even talk to her for the first week! Ended up trying three different antibiotics to get rid of it, it was fucking hell man I thought I had throat cancer and ended up going back to the surgery after being prescribed two types of inneffective pills. Ok here have the strong as fuck ones instead, you should really have had these in the first place said the second doctor I went to. I've had throat infections and that, but NEVER anything like that. I hope you get better soon man, eat some garlic and gargle salt water, no matter how disgusting that is, it'll help.
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  3. Sir Bliss

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    Yeah, it's been shitty as I could've ever fucking imagined. The doctor prescribed nothing, saying it would most likely be a waste of time (and judging by your experience, I'm assuming he's correct). I've been taking a shitload of painkillers, which seem to help just a little. I swear I took 12-14 ibprofin yesterday, for god's sake. I've been gargling salt water/listerine but it has hardly done much. Honestly, the only thing that truly relieves the pain is soup and hot tea. Now granted, they only work for a short period of time, but that's enough for me.

    Bleh. It's not strep, supposedly, but it almost seems worse. I have never had such consistent searing pain before in my life. And I don't even know where I got this. Garbage.
  4. darkestXredX

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    that sounds...pretty shitty
    but i dont think you should might just get it more infected
    which means more pain
  5. Sir Bliss

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    Well, its been feeling a lot better today, which is a good sign. I think I may smoke in a couple hours, but I'm still on the edge. We'll see. I'll be sure to report my 'findings' if I do end up getting chopped.
  6. Pounds

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    Um I know this threat is old.... But Idk Ive been smoking BLUNTS sense I got this stupid shit and all ive been here is smokin is going to affect it! Idk.... All I know is when I get high I forget about it and the pain and the irratation goes away. Im going to the doctor tommorow hopefully things will look better
  7. Pounds

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    actually fucc the doctor my white spots are startin to fade away maybe the blunt smoke is killing them =]
  8. Pounds

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    so my blunt smoke completly killed my tonisilits Smoke weed if u have it nothin will happen bad
  9. Weezard

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    Horribly painful white sores, eh?

    Yup, very old thread, but the information is still useful for future problems.

    That does not sound like tonsillitis young man.
    It sounds very much like a yeast infection.
    Fairly common IF you have been taking anti-biotics.
    When keiki get it, it's called Thrush.
    Adults with un-compromised immune systems rarely get Thrush, so it is often mis-diagnosed and treating it with more anti-biotics could turn it into a very serious chronic condition.
    Smoking blunts won't affect it much and might ease da pain.
    Alcohol is actually helpful.
    It is, after all, "yeast piss" and in concentrations north of 20% kills the active "bloom"

    3 things one can do.

    Wait it out.
    If no on-going anti-biotics, your immune system will often handle it, eventually.
    But, it's painful.

    So, you can go to a doctor, and if it's correctly diagnosed, you will be prescribed an anti-fungal, like Diflucan and it's ilk.
    They're hard on the liver so will require 2 blood tests.
    Before and after liver panels.
    It's effective, but expensive.

    You can speed up the healing yourself by avoiding sugar, (feeds it), and eating active culture Yoghurt, or Probiotic "Bacillus Laterosporus", (prolly misspelled:)).
    The "good bugs" overgrow da "yeast beasties".(Candida Albicans) and her cousins.
    It actually works a li'l faster and much safer than Diflucan.:thumbsup:

    I am not, and never have been, a doctor.
    I have jus' been reading, and observing life, for a very long time.
    If you need a doctor, see a Doctor.

    Alo ha,
  10. RolenSmokenHigh

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    Im just back from the Doctor and found out i have tonsillitis. Its horrible! Anyways, ive been feeling it really badly since Friday and today is Tuesday. I have been smoking my bong with ice in it most of the time over the last 4 days, since the smoke is so cool going through the ice its not likely to hurt my throat!

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