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Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by terracethehigh, Oct 28, 2006.

  1. terracethehigh

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    I have some good regular buds which got too dried out before I got them. Is there any way to remoisturize them so they won't smoke so harshly? Thanks for any ideas... peace
  2. take a slice of an apple and throw it in the can/jar/bag with the weed for a few hours, it'll make the bud all moist n' sticky again...
  3. Pius

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    ya anything with more moisture will do the trick, i wouldn't use an apple cuz ur bud will stick to it...i would go more along the lines of bread or sumthing..take a crust of bread and throw it in there. should help alot. or get a moist paper towel and wrap ur buds in it and throw it in the mic that alwase works too. depends on if you want a quick fix or sumthing that'll take longer, but won't stink up u house.
  4. KiEfBoyjBm

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    I've used orange peels, just don't leave them in for more than a couple hours, or your bud might get moldy. I have also heard that spraying it with coca-cola out of a spray bottle will moisturize it and add a lot of weight too. (but don't be a dick and spray it with something just to get the weight up for selling)
  5. Storm Crow

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    DON'T spray with coca-cola! Have you ever burnt sugar?????? It stinks! And the extra weight is pure sugar. Coke has a LOT of sugar in it. Do you want it in your lungs? Just use the apple slice or orange peel! Mold is not a problem for at least 12 to 24 hours (temperature and the # of mold spores on the pot cause the difference). Just put the fruit next to the pot in a tupperware container, seal and let it sit. Then rebag the pot. Or just get one of those little spray bottles and give it a LIGHT misting, roll it back up in the baggie and let it sit for a few hours. This is more risky since you can get it too wet and then it will mold. I'd go with the fruit, since you are new to the pot smoking world. And look into getting a vaporizer- your lungs will thank you and you need 1/2 the pot!
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  6. Kid A

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    Dry/cured weed is more potent than moist weed

  7. um... what they're talking about is when weed goes way past cured, and becomes DRY, just pure dry... cured and dry are two diffrent things you know? ... lol
  8. Kid Dynamite

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    rather have my weed too dry than too wet.

    if i had weed that is...
  9. kevgrow

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    A peace of lettuce works good. Orange peal will work to but may give a orange taste or smell. lettuce does not.Just put a small peace in your bag until moist enough for you.
  10. Frivolous248

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    Storing it in a jar will help retain moisture, put something moist in with it so that it will steal a lil bit o' water from it.

    How dry are we talkin' though? Honestly, I'm diggin' the dry crumbly, I was smokin' a pipe the other night and it was some DRY shake left-overs from the 14g I had like a month ago and I honestly didn't have to light the stayed cherried so nicely and I got a lot of nice fat hits off it, was mind-blowing.

    But since you might not like dry bud, then you can try one of the suggested methods. I would try and use something other than fruit or something that could have sugar, in the chat I asked about re-moistenin' bud and someone said that its better to use stuff like lettuce cause its not so sugary.
  11. terracethehigh

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    Thanks, everybody! A lettuce leaf did the trick, and only took an hour. This was wayyyy too dry, not cured, but it smokes smooth now.Hopefully we'll be onto something better by next week. Uh, well, that's life at the bottom of George Bush's great economy. Enjoy your name brand buds for me! terrace the high
  12. fjman930

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    My way

    I had some ganja get way to dry. And when I say dry, I mean harshing out until my stomach hurt. My way was to take my jar and a Q-tip. Cut off one fuzzy end of the Q-tip and get the other end a little bit wet. Make sure it is not dripping anymore, and put the stick towards the bottom of the jar so that the moisture is not touching the product. Works wonders. :D

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