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Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by veggiepark, May 4, 2008.

  1. veggiepark

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    Hi. I want to plant outdoors this summer with plants i'll start at home. If i start the plants at June and plant July or August, and i live at the Northeastern Usa, Southeastern Pennsylavnia to be exact, would it be to late to plant?:hippy:
  2. justanotherbozo

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    no, not too late but ...

    i don't think it would be too late but by Aug. the days are starting to shorten in the north east so there won't be much time for vegatative growth. lol, i THINK, i'm no expert
  3. Hazeus

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    Technically I would say it's only too late to plant outside if you are into the later half of August/September. Cannabis does not flower until there is a change in the photo period, AKA, the transition between Summer and Fall. As the hours of daylight diminish during the seasonal change, cannabis enters the flowering phase in an attempt to procreate before the onset of winter and eventually death. This phase of growth can take anywhere between 50 - 75 days (with exceptions to both min and max).

    You should be just fine if you get them outdoors by July. If you would like to keep them a little more inconspicuous, you could wait to plant them until early August as well. You will see first hand that the sun is a far more efficient light source than any man made bulb.
  4. veggiepark

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    Thanks guys for the encouragement. :thumbsup: I've never grown outdoors only indoors. i"m moving to a new apartment that's to small to grow inside. I'm going to give it a go and plant small plants out.
  5. justanotherbozo

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    good luck

    i've never grown outdoors myself, somehow, i feel i would be too exposed. you're right that you'd never be able to grow any real weight in a small apt. but you can feed your head out of a small closet or a couple of Rubbermaid bins or both, that way you have a place to veg and one to flower. heck, you can even have the momma inside a Rubbermaid in the closet and just take guaranteed female plants to put outside.
  6. veggiepark

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    Yea, i know what you mean about being exposed. I hope i can do it outdoors. Before i took a corner of a room covered it with mylar sheets and grew about 8 plants under a 1000 watt grow lamp to about 5 feet each plant. It was incrediable the amount of bud. i was so happy. Now i gots to find a good location.

    Also before i took the seed hatchlings and planted them directly in their grow pot, now i gots to figure what to plant them in before taking outside. I'm thinking of a 1.5" starter cube then placing directly in the soil. I like the ones called Oasis they sell them at I just hope they're big enough. Would 1.5" grow medium be large enough for a 8" to 12" plant?
  7. justanotherbozo

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    you should really check out some of the cabinet grows listed here, you'd be surprised what you can do in a very small place with some CFL's and some TLC. consider a Sea Of Green like mine, although i haven't any smokeable reaults from my current setup yet you should check it out, maybe it'll inspire you
  8. veggiepark

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    Your's looks real good. Yet , i don't think i could do it. Mostly l'd worry about the electricity and for real the apartment i'm going to move to is like a 2 room studio , so.... . I 'd be happy with 10 seedlings transplanted outside to grow to about 6 feet.

    Is yours small because of a space issue or you just messing around with the dynamics?

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