too much calcium carbonate EMERGENCY!!

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by wildhornet, Aug 14, 2006.

  1. wildhornet

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    Alright, as the title suggests, the water where i live has a great deal of calcium carbonate (a salt). I'm a noob and assumed this wouldn't be a problem. Well it is.

    The lower leaves are curling up and are slowly browning and dying.

    Is this a N, P, or K deficieny and how do i solve it. Obviously from now on i'll just use distilled water, but my plants are dying and i need a solution...FAST!!

    Many thanks in advance, please save my babies!!!!!!!!!
  2. quantumgod

    quantumgod Registered

    maybe try flushing?

    i'm no expert by far...
    but maybe flushing with distilled water would help?
    maybe it would flush out some of the excess salt from
    the soil and the plant would be able to recover.
    but hopefully someone with more knowledge will come
    along and help you. i wish you the best.
  3. wildhornet

    wildhornet Registered

    already flushing plants. Let me rephrase my question to:

    Since i am already flushing plants with distilled water, what nutrients in what quantities should i use. OR should i simply NOT use any nutrients for the time being. Up until now i have only given one very mild (1/4 strength) dose, i am sure that's not the problem.

    Plants are 3 weeks old and just beginning flowering (lowryders:D )
  4. invision

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    if your going to ue distilled water you also need to buy calmag plus+ distilled water is robbed of it minerals so this replaces it.
  5. elway07

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    i would love to see some pics as I am growing lowryders too...thx.. I would give a small dose of nutes on the next watering but not too much N if it is flowering... instead of using distilled water as I used to, used cheap bottled springwater you can find at the grocery store.. It hydrates better and has micro minerals... good luck and post some pics!!
  6. wildhornet

    wildhornet Registered

    Thanks for the advise man, i actually just got back from fry's with a couple gallons.

    It's been an interesting grow actually, i planted 4 seeds out of 10 and all turned out female. i'm going to grow these ladies out for bud, but next grow will need to find a male, otherwise i'll be ordering more seeds. Confound the lowryder's inability to clone.:smokin:

    I'll think about throwing up a few pics later. I'm a bit uneasy about doing that.
  7. elway07

    elway07 Registered+

    I don't understand why but that is ok... the pick in my avatar photo is the bitch I am growing mine from... How tall are yours?

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