Too tall what should I do

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by jer001, Oct 27, 2008.

  1. jer001

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    My grow tent is 7 feet high and my plants are too tall what should I do.

    Please help thank you




  2. jer001

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    There are only 5 plants

    C= Cana Coco
    D = drip system
    E = Everyone
    E = indoor
    E = canna coco
    E = Tap Water
    E = 6.5 ph
    E = 4 months
    E = Firtilizer Cal-Mag Plus, Bio-Genesis Synergy, FloraNova Grow
    E = 400 Watt metal halide with a sun glo t5 48 on side
    E = 75
    E = 45 - 55 humitidy
    E = 24 / 24
    E = two oscilating fans and one small intake fan with portable air conditioner outside of tent
  3. riley22

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    If I'm reading this right you still have them in the veg state. If you switch them to 12/12 they will triple in height. I'll see what the experts say, but I would maybe try and bend (lst) them.
  4. jer001

    jer001 Registered+

    They are my mother plants. I make clones from them. I only started growing them in the summer
  5. FlyGuyOU

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    Turn off the light! you can grow the mothers just on the T5. Lots of light equals lots of growth
  6. jer001

    jer001 Registered+

    dont know anyone else who grows
  7. jer001

    jer001 Registered+

    how often can you take cuttings off of mothers
  8. Wobster

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    Bloody hell... they are you're mothers? U must be plannin an industrial size grow! One of those would be sufficient to supply you with plenty of plants.
  9. JeffersonBud

    JeffersonBud Banned

    LST them if there is space. Bushmaster would stop them but you have to introduce it in the first few weeks of flowering.
  10. O'skool

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    I agree with what others above have all ready said.. 1st.. cut off the big lights you dont really need them for mothers...2nd.. trim that momma down...and tie her down if needed... you can clone every two -three weeks just give momma a break between cuts so she doesn't get stressed...
    Good luck
  11. elskeetro

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    Good God that is a lot of plant.

    I'm not sure of your experience level. Have you flowered plants before or is this your first grow? Do you know for sure all those plants are female? (my apologies if you do have experience...)

    My first suggestion would be to read this:

    Take enough clones so that you don't wipe yourself my honest opinion...put those huge ladies to rest. It's very sad. but it seems as though those plants have just gotten out of hand for your setup. (is that your whole setup?) If you are doing just a personal grow, then one mother plant should be enough. if you have multiple strains in there, then obviously you'd want one mother per strain.

    But yeah, i'd suggest taking clones to make a new mother using the bonsai method above.

    If you don't want to kill the big momma's off (like none of us ever do...)and if you have enough experience and feel comfortable doing so...try some experiments. Cut a decent size branch off (much bigger than the average clones)...see if you can get that to root some how...then throw it into flower...i dunno...just have fun with it.

    good luck.
  12. Revanche21

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    idk if this is possible as I have never worked with a mother plant

    but couldnt you just chop it in half and make some cannabutter with it?
  13. jer001

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    they are grown from clone they are female I am flowering the other 5 now, there is only 6 plants in my veg room. and yes this is my first grow.
  14. jer001

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  15. jer001

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    I feel bad looking at the bonsai pictures :(
  16. stinkyattic

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    Take an assload of clones and regenerate those bitches. Do it now, while you still can- once they become pot-bound, you will NOT be able to clone them because they will become sickly and your clones will start failing.

    Note: This thread is slightly shorter; please do not suggest any type of dealing/selling here, thank you.
  17. VapedG13

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    i been taking clones for 15 yrs from the same strain/plant .... I never grew or kept a mother plant
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  18. jer001

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    still tall

    I trimmed the mothers and they are still tall.

    On one of them I trimmed the top off about 3 feet of the plant part of the stem is that ok?

    Should I do that to the rest of them since they are over the light?

    As well I tied them back.






    Thank you
  19. jer001

    jer001 Registered+

    I can finally see the fan back there lol :hippy:

    the pics of the clones that I took


  20. jer001

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    Some people prefer their plants small and wide. Fortunately for them, making cannabis bushes is a simple process. During the third week of vegetative growth prune half the plant's branches. Cannabis plants need at least 50 percent of their leaves in order to continue growing without experiencing fatal stunting problems. If you prune off more than 50 percent of their leaves, you may end up killing your plants.* Do not prune only one side of the plant; prune both sides to achieve the 50 percent. You may also prune the main top cola if you want to split it into two or more parts.

    If the prune cuts you previously made grow new branches and leaves, you may wait until the fourth or fifth week of vegetative growth and prune again, leaving 50 percent growth.

    During the seventh week of vegetative growth you'll notice that your plant has started to grow outward more than upward. Let's say you have a plant with eight shoots. That means it is four nodes high. You prune the plant and end up with 16 shoots, but the plant is still only four nodes high. Now this does not mean that you can keep doubling shoots forever. Pruning merely pushes the plant to grow all of its shoots early. If you keep pruning a plant that is four nodes high until the eighth week of vegetative growth, the greatest number of shoots you will get will be about 32. Most marijuana plants will not grow much beyond this factor, but again this is strain-dependent.

    Now each new shoot has a junction point or a node that it grew from and each node should produce bud during the flowering stages. It is possible to create a marijuana plant that droops over the sides, completely concealing its own pot. With the right strain, it is also possible to have a single plant spread over an entire 6x6 foot space using this method. Creating cannabis bushes usually requires a few additional weeks of vegetative growth.

    Bonsai Clones
    Bonsai clones are easy to make. The objective is to produce a small bushy clone
    with multiple branches so that lots of cuttings can be taken from it.
    Simply prepare a cutting using your preferred method and prune the clone using the 'how to make cannabis bushes'technique. The end result is a clone with multiple branches and node regions that can give you a constant supply of cuttings.
    Keep the bonsai short, about 1.5 feet in height, and you can store it in a very small place. Diminutive bonsai mother plants can be used to generate at least a hundred clones per year.
    In countries where cannabis clones are legal, there is quite a market for them. Medical users especially like to buy clones from experienced growers because they know that the grower has worked on multiple strains to find a 'special' mother that suits the medical users needs.

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