Took a couple drags off a joint, haven't smoked in over 4 months.

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by Smurfinthereefr, Dec 9, 2008.

  1. Smurfinthereefr

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    I'm 5'8 and 200 pounds so thats working against me, any way to get thc out of your body pretty fast? Been on probation since july so i stopped smoking, went to court yesterday they changed my color to one that gets called around once a month or so, and they already called it last week. I smoked last night with two other friends and ended up taking 3-6 long drags, how long till it's out of my system? If i end up getting tested i'll know 24+ hours before so i'll probably dilute if i have too. Thanks for your input, keep smoking the green leaf :Rasta: I'll be on here alot more when i get off of proby :Rasta:
  2. Stigma420247

    Stigma420247 Banned

    if u where completely clean id say 20 days MAX more than likely will be clean in 2 weeks...
  3. Smurfinthereefr

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    damn well thats not good if i get tested within these two weeks, i read other postes that said a one time high gets out in 3-5 days. Is there a detox drink i should buy?
  4. suzieque

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    The detox drinks are an expensive form of dilution. Most of us do not recommend them.

    Invest in some THC tests online and you will know. I got mine for under $2 a piece. Test first morning urine... if thats dirty then test again after a little dilution.

    If you do get called soon for a test, have some creatine to start taking at least 24 hours beforehand. This will increase your creatinine levels so theres less chance of coming up dilute if you hand over a watery sample.
  5. Stigma420247

    Stigma420247 Banned

    well i didnt klnow u had a test so soon sorry...i was just giving u FOR SURE IS possible to be clean in 7 days from ONE time smoking... i am 5' 9" and about 165lbs... i took 2 hits ofg a blunt a while back when i was COMPLETELY clean and tested - with a home test within 7 days...everyone is different..and its better to be safe than sorry....
  6. KNOTME66

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    A one time high will only take 3-5 days to clear from the system if totally clean.
  7. Smurfinthereefr

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    Thanks for the info guys, well is there like diet pills or something i can take that will help me burn fat? I have weight training every 2 days at school and we run for about an hour then lift weights for half an hour thats about the most intense excercise i get, other then that i just walk a shit load from class to class and do alot of manual labor at my work. Oh and i didn't mean a detox drink i meant like a detox kit, they have something called detox 7 at the walgreens by my house will that be a good investment? Only 11 bucks.

    Keep on tokin!:stoned:
  8. medigrower

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    i was drug tested for 2 years thought i had it down could smoke a hit or 2 on friday and when wednesday rolls around i would be clean if i got tested untill ya i got kicked out because for some reason i smoked on thursday and wednesday dropped hot i guess is what i am saying is u will never be for sure but i suggest stoping a few hours before the test so your not dumping into the cup and ur levels are extra high i kinda think thats what happened to me.
  9. Stigma420247

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    if i was u i would try to do some jogging... just to give u a idea of how long weed can stay in yer system... i JUST took a ua today... i smoked like 3 puffs offa joint last friday...and i was only clean for 21 days before that... i PASSED my ua...

    i weigh 165lbs and im 5' 9" ....all i did was run 3 miles a day (u might wanna start at a mile and work yer way up) anddrank a crap load of cranberry juice and green tea... i DID wear extra layers of clothing while running to make myself sweat as much as possible... i quit jogging 2 days before my tests...

    hope this helps man...good luck :) im gonna go get puffed out...aint got another ua for 50 days!!!!! WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO


    disclaimer: everyone's body is different...just cause i got a clean ua 5 days after a few tokes DOESNT mean u can be clean too... i suggest grabbin some home tests... thats what i did to make sure my test would be clean...

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