Took my MEPS drug test and panicking after the fact

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by mepsthrowaway2, May 16, 2014.

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    So I had my day at MEPS yesterday, to enter the Marine Corps.

    Before going to MEPS, I had been clean from weed for exactly four weeks. Before that, I smoked mostly daily from maybe November 2013 to this April, but I've always been an extreme lightweight (a gram or two of top-shelf would last me a week). I'm 5"10 and 145 pounds, always had a pretty fast metabolism.

    12 days before my MEPS date, I took an AtHome drug test with my first void of the day, and passed with a nice clear line. The day before MEPS, I took another AtHome test (again, first void of the day) and had a similarly clear line. Then I went to my recruiting office, where I was tested once again (this time with an iCup test), and passed, although the line was extremely faint. My recruiter noticed this too, but didn't seem too concerned.

    At MEPS, I drank about 30oz of water before my drug test, cleared my bladder several times that day, and caught the urine mid-stream in the cup. The urine was a very pale yellow color. The nurse put some sort of swab in the urine, then sealed it with red tamper-proof tape and boxed it up. The swab kind of freaked me out, because everything I had read online says the samples go through an AU-800 EMIT immunoassay, then a GC/MS lab test for those that come up positive. Nobody said anything about any testing being done on the spot— what was that about?

    I was really confident before I went in, but now that it's out of my hand, my mind keeps coming back to the stories I've heard of people passing at home immunoassays and then receiving a letter saying they failed at MEPS. Apparently these letters can take a week or two to arrive, and I'm going half-mad with anxiety.

    Can anyone with some familiarity with drug tests (especially regarding MEPS and their protocol) chime in here? What was up with the swab test they did on the spot? How likely is it that I'd fail my test after the negative at-home tests?

    Thank you in advance.
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    Are you sure it was a cotton swab and not a validity test strip?

    If it was indeed a cotton swab, what did the tech do with the swab after immediately withdrawing it from the sample cup?
  3. mepsthrowaway2

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    Sorry, I think my terminology was off. It wasn't a cotton swab, it was a small stick with some different colored squares on it (I think red and blue?). I guess I just called it a swab because he made a quick swabbing motion with it!
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    That would be a colorimetric validity test thats used to check the creatinine, S/G, pH, Nitrites, and other urine constituents.

    Did the tech make any remarks (verbal or otherwise) after performing that test, and if so, what were they?
  5. mepsthrowaway2

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    Good to know, thank you!

    He didn't say anything, just sealed my bottle up with some red tamper-proof tape, put it in a box, and sent me on my way.

    Regarding specific gravity and creatinine, I didn't supplement with creatine or B2. I didn't think I would have to since I didn't intend on diluting my urine heavily, to the point where it was completely clear. I drank around 30oz shortly before entering the MEPS, which is a lot less than I've read about others diluting with.
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    With the tech not making any verbal (or written) remarks, your S/G and creatinine level are likely a non-issue.
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    Thank you. I'm obviously still very anxious about my results given how much is riding on them, but you've addressed every concern I could come up with.

    I lurked these boards a lot before posting, and I just wanted to thank you for the work you do on the drug testing subforum. It's very clear you have a great amount of expertise on this subject, and it must get tiresome answering the same sort of questions over and over again, but it's extremely appreciated. You're a goddamn saint. :)
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    Did he pas
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    Hey hon. I'm gonna make you feel real good right now. The drug testing policy with the military is obviously not very stringent. I have a nephew who had been doing drugs...not just weed but smoking weed too, for 3 years before he got inspired to sign up and he managed to pass their drug test. He's been in now around 18 mos and is still addicted to all kinds of drugs...just gets them legally from the military now. I took one for a hospital job once and had the faint line come up. They did further lab testing and passed me through, so you should be just fine. The thing they put in the cup was a tester and since none of your lines set off bells and whistles, I'd put money on you passing the test. Thank you for your willingness to serve this country. Because of you, people like me are free. God bless you! TWW
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    That doesn't answer my question tho
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    Did you pass?
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    Did we ever find out if he passed

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