Top 10 Best LED Grow Lights For Growers in 2018

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    Hi I have read essay about top 10 best led light in 2018, can not wait to share the top 5 lights with you.

    As is known to all, a successful plant grower knows he need the best LED grow lights. LED grow lights consume less energy, but they provide more coverage and more broad spectrum, which means less electricity, less heat, better photosynthesis and better harvests.

    Currently, Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL) are popular for seedling and planting, but they have a much weaker spectrum than leds. For years, the growers are hoping to use high intensity gas discharge lamp (HID), because they provide better illumination. However, HID hold them back due to high allocation cost and complexity.

    LED grow lights have been proven to be more cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and effective in the process of photosynthesis; In addition, the growth lights also help cultivate a better flower bud, a healthier plant.

    It may be difficult to buy the right indoor growth lights, but after reading the guide, you can buy it safely. Here we list the top ten LED lights based on maximum coverage area, HID equivalence and average power. These are just basic factors, but the specifics depend on the budget and the intensity and efficiency of the lighting required to grow the plants.

    The following are the details of my collated top ten LED growth lights.

    1. MarsHydro - Reflector series LED

    MarsHydro has become a reliable brand in the grow light industry. They design a lot of grow lights, especially Reflector series LED grow light. MarsHydro Reflector 96 LED grow light is equipped with full-spectrum LED light source, which can emit white light of 430nm and 670nm, and far-red light of 730nm.

    It loaded with 96 pieces of 5 watts Epistar LED, light output up to 480 watts. It weighs 10 pounds, but with its occipital radiator, its heat output is only 467 BTU. It has a lifespan of 50,000 to 100,000 hours.

    The growth lights are an ideal choice for those who require a lot of lighting, but the budget is limited.

    2. Black Dog LED PhytoMax-2 200

    With 84 high-output LED chips from manufacturers such as Cree and Osram, this LED grow light has an output of 420 watts. Black Dog can replace any 400-watt HID or HPS and has a dedicated full-spectrum light. That includes uv light and near-infrared light, which is good for plants’ photosynthesis and have very strong lighting.

    The light weighs 14 pounds and has a heat output of 716 BTU, with a lifespan of 70,000 hours and a 5-year warranty.

    3. Lush Lighting Luminator 2x

    This light is a good choice for growers who grow in tents. The input power is 190 watts, but the output power is 270 watts.

    The full spectrum range of this LED grow light includes ultraviolet and infrared light. The blue and red spectra still provide the green and even infrared wavelengths that plants need.

    With this light, you can control the specific intensity of light required without any impact on planting quality or efficiency.

    4. LED Diamond Series - XML 350

    The light from this series is capable of producing the equivalent of a PAR output of most of the 600w HPS on the market. Its full spectrum (380nm-760nm) illumination can emit at least a dozen wavelengths, and can realize the full cycle of plant growth in one space.

    Interestingly, the diamond series is unique in its dimmer switch, which can be designated as a particular color of the spectrum. In addition, it can improve the efficiency of different growth cycles.

    It weighs 18 pounds, with a double radiator and a beehive fan with a dust filter.

    5. California Lightworks Solar System 550

    Solar System 550 LED growth light is an ideal choice for large indoor growers. Its manufacturer, California LightWorks has installed efficient leds and advanced digital programming systems from Osram.

    It can replace any 600w HPS Light, reducing energy cost by 40%. The light covers 48 square feet and weighs just 13 pounds.

    This light provides a spectrum ranging from 400nm to 700nm. Due to the controllability of this light, the best lighting effect can be achieved at all growing stages. Another reason why it is successful in the LED growth lighting market is that with a single turn controller, you can set the specified time and spectrum parameters.
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    Like reading a billboard when your standing too close.

    I haven't looked at LED lighting in a while, but, a few years ago, it was a serious issue to decide between HID and LED, due to cost. The upfront cost of LED was a lot higher and depending on the buyer, that was an issue to be looked at.
    Otherwise, I think most people would agree that a good LED system would beat other lighting systems.

    In any event, it's generally a good idea to buy an LED system made in North America or Europe and stay away from Chinese made products. I didn't see anything on the MarsHydro website stating where the product was made. With the brands made in the USA, Canada, or anyplace in Europe, they generally splash that information on the main page.
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    As the progress of led technology, leds quality becomes better and better and its price decrease a lot, many led brands are affordable now. I have used Mars Hydro led for many years and seen its development of quality, it is Chinese brand, but they have warehouse and repair center in USA, Canada, UK, EU, Australia, so I think this brand is reliable
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    Your probably right. Years ago, the stuff coming out of China was no name brands flooding the market. But even then, LED manufacturing in general has gotten considerably better over the years. I'd still shy away away from no name brands, which I'm sure are still available. Nice to know that Mars Hydro has in-country repair centers.
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    As more and more people turn from HPS to leds, there are more led brands in China and USA, it makes people confused about how to choose right brand. But I think certification is most important, it at least shows the safety of products. Then its after-sales service, history and spectrum.
    Grow light is very heavy. If we ship damaged light to China to repair, it will cost too much.
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    new tent.jpg hlg 2.jpg More and more the technology is headed to Samsung Quantum Boards and Cobs.
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    I had no idea the price of 2000w panels had dropped so dramatically! I see no choice just in power savings... I need to replace my HID lights for my first legal run.

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