Top 5 Smoking songs

Discussion in 'Music Room' started by Shane O Mac, Sep 19, 2005.

  1. bigtrip88

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    my top 5 are

    5- Nirvana "Smells Like Teen Spirit"
    4- Dave Matthews band "Crush"
    3- Jimi Hendrix "Purple Haze"
    2- The Smiths "How Soon Is Now"
    and the number one is

    1- Jefferson Airplane "White Rabbit" (it makes me higher):hippy::Rasta::smokin::stoned::Rasta:
  2. JayJayW

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    I actually like hawaiian music:
    1. Natural Vibrations - Never Never
    2. Natural Vibrations - Put some time
    3. Natural Vibrations - Picture on the wall
    4 three Plus - Honey baby
    5. Three Plus - Undercover Lover

    I don't think many people know all those songs....but yeah haha.
  3. Xyz505

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    you should smoke with me by snoop dog
    cyrpess hill boom biddy
    afroman no no fro
    afroman for president
    john holt police in helicopter
    list can go on forever but ill stop here :hippy:
  4. Xyz505

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  5. zeppelin08

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    Gov't mule... reblow your mind, child of the earth, brand new angel, million miles from yesterday, ENDLESS PARADE... Gov't mule is always a good choice

    When ripped beyond belief i always put on dark side of the moon and lay in bed in the dark and fall asleep to it. Good stuff...

    my smokin playlist on the ipod is almost all gov't mule and pink floyd and the derek trucks band... but the top 5 i listen to other than those 2 bands are...

    Jim Croce- Operator
    Allman Brothers- Midnight Rider
    Lynyrd Skynyrd- the needle and the spoon
    A tribe called quest- Electric Relaxation
    not really sure of the title of it (said "SICK GUITAR SOLO" in the title) but i've got this like 8 minute long face melting solo by Steve Vai... absolutely incredible. gives me goosebumps when i listen to it. if i ever figure out the name ill edit, but i think it was just him jammin out at a concert between songs
  6. thekingofkush

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    1. 2 AM - Slightly Stoopid
    2. Any Colour You Like - Pink Floyd
    3. Take Me Into Your Skin - Trentemoller
    4. Green To Black - Rebelution
    5. Jammin - Bob Marley
  7. ditdotter

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    The live version of "Stormy Monday" by the Allman Brothers on the "Live at the Fillmore East". The best blues song ever recorded. No one else is even close.
  8. stp0219

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    Kick-ass songs to listen to baked!

    Global Warning - Steel Pulse

    Bowl for Two - The Expendables

    Good Times - Styles P

    Ganja Smugglin' - The Expendables/Eek-a-Mouse

    Down Down Down - The Expendables

    -The Expendables, Eek-a-Mouse, and Steel Pulse are awesome reggae bands and everyone knows the rapper Styles P. These songs are musts for the ganja loves.
  9. BlueBlazer

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    There's hundreds and hundreds of songs that are good to listen to while stoned. Come to think of it, elevator music sounds pretty good if you're stoned enough, lol. I decided to go for length and cheated my ass off on this one. :D

    1. Echos - Pink Floyd (23:29)
    2. Close to the Edge - Yes (18:43)
    3. Tubular Bells - Mike Oldfield (49:18)
    4. Logos - Tangerine Dream (45:06)
    5. In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida - Iron Butterfly (17:05)
  10. mainegrown

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    toes- zach brown band
    bonfire- craig morgan
    chicken fried- zach brown band..
    just thought i would add a bit o country in there

    ~MG a.k.a. le Maine développé
  11. budsmoker only

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  12. chris62008

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    Iron Maiden, Dragonforce, Mettalica, Lynard Skynard, Avenged Sevenfold

    Those are just the top 5 rock ones in my opinion
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  16. guyone008

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    Top 5

    Every other day my friend and I get together and sit in my basement smoking and relaxing, and all we do is listen to music. We always listen to the same songs with a few new ones we try out but here's my top 5.

    -Beach In Hawaii- Ziggy Marley
    -Somewhere Over the Rainbow - Israel kamakawiwo'ole
    -Gimme More Rock Bitch - Super Mash Bros. (Scariest thing ever, but awesome if you like that! I do)
    -Granja Farmer - Marlon Asher
    -Boom Boom Pow - Black Eyed Peas

    And a lot of Bob Marley and Infected Mushroom. :bonghit:
  17. Abraxas2009

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    Endless Trip Experience

    I spent 2009 composing and recording a piece of music or organized sound a day for 2009.


    Perfect for chilling out too. Strange sounds, good grooves, and David Lynchesque weirdness.

    If you want to hear something different that will stimulate your mind drop by and listen.

    Click link above, music starts automatically on the page.

    Start it up, sit back and enter the world of Abraxas

    I hope you enjoy, comments very welcome.


  18. tytystick

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    Happy 4/20 Everyone!!
    Check out my band's 4/20 song we just released!
    Tell me what you think!
    itunes and amazon soon.

    The Ta Ta Destroyers
  19. brandonloserkid

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    burn one down - ben harper
  20. sweets4me

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    cypress hill- roll it up light it up
    cypress hill- hits from the bong
    TRU- smoking green
    nas- lifes a biytch so get high

    i dont know what the 5th one should be

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