Top 5 Weed Documentaries

Discussion in 'TV / Movies' started by zenneson, Dec 7, 2009.

  1. zenneson

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  2. redtails

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    huh, I've only seen #s 2 & 4 so I'm not sure about the others but they sound good...
  3. EvilCartman

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  4. Rubberbubbler

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    I would say thats about right I have seen all 5. also check out Trip-BC Bud Chronicles. Their are a few others out their I cant remember off the top of my head right know. If I think of them I will post the title.
  5. Rubberbubbler

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    I also think Magic Weed - History Of Marijuana should be in the top 5
  6. ghosty

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    I've only seen Super High Me, but that movie was great. I've heard a lot about The Union, i'll have to watch that sometime
  7. the image reaper

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    'Super High Me' is a good, funny one, but 'The Union' is definitely the best marijuana DVD I've seen, so far :thumbsup:
  8. killerweed420

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    I've got all of them except #4.
    The Union is the best for educational purposes. I like SHould I Smoke Weed though, its pretty funny.
  9. zenneson

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    I'm surprised how many people have not seen the Union. It is a def must watch for any marijuana enthusiasts. One of the best documentaries of all time.
  10. BlueBlazer

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    You can take me off that list. I used the link and watched it tonight. That is, by far, the most effective presentation of the absurdity of the war on drugs and exposure of the true motives behind it.

    That documentary "put it all together" in a way that is powerful and, I would hope, effective in changing the minds of the brainwashed anti-cannabis folks.

    The more this information is disseminated, the sooner the madness will end. :thumbsup:
  11. zenneson

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    Well said
  12. bhouncy

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    Watched The Union last night. If you've not seen it then it is well worth your while. I have been posting the torrent to a few sites for anyone that wants to see it.
  13. cksz84

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    Watching 'The Union' right now and it's pretty good!
  14. TheSmokingMonkey

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    The Union is phenomenal and totally deserves the 1 spot.
    Grass was also good.

    I heartily disagree with Super High Me; yeah, it was fun, but in terms of information, it was a bit light.

    I haven't seen the other two.
  15. ForgetClassC

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    Super high me pissed me off, its like hmmm, lets just give an example of how retarded someone on pot can be. This little weird kid I knew brought it over and was like "OMG THIS IS THE BEST EVER", all it made me think of was highschool kids being dumb. The facts that they give are elementary and the means of delivery are even more so. If these people wanted to make an actually functional/progressive video towards marijuana, they would have spent way more time on this movie.

  16. itnoSinsemillia

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    I dont think "Should I Smoke Dope" and "Super High Me" should be on this list. The part in "Should I Smoke Dope" where she tries to put some stupid thing together and she cant follow directions was a totally out of contex way of looking at pot. First of all this bitch is a fuckin dumb and a smoking newb. I could easily put that shit together baked as shit. Plus no one smokes to say "o lets go build some shit" thats stupid.

    Super High Me was a total disappointment. I you showed that to someone trying to sway their opinion on pot, you would probably make their dislike for pot even stronger. Its not very factual, the jokes arent even that funny. Overall its a 2 outta 5.

    Grass, The Union, and In Pot We Trust are good ones. Theres gotta be other ones out there that are on the level of these three. Anyone know of any?
  17. MadSativa

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    The Union, the rest are good, but The Union
  18. Ocotillo

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    The Union is allot about Canada, our friendly neighbor to the north. They have great enthusiasm for "BC BUD, Whoooo"!!!! They also show an abandoned 10 railroad car grow set up, it's hidden underground and powered by diesel generators! I can't seem to get enough of that one.

    Both "The Union..." and "Super high me" are on Netflix 'streaming' to watch on line.
  19. ForgetClassC

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    It was propane trucks, the big ones, they would drive one up there every 3 months or so.

  20. moody420

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    I've only seen #1, #2 and #4

    Grass was good....but kind of boring....basically just drilled facts into your head. It was very informative, but had a hard time staying interested.

    Super High Me was a great documentary for people who know nothing about pot or prop 215. I see a few people on this thread bashing it. I do agree it is not the most educational of documentaries. But I did feel it was a great one to show people who don't know much on the topic. It was very light, yet had a lot of great information. I felt it was easy to follow and had some great points with it's comparisons of smoking vs. not smoking.

    Union is just really well made and covers alot of areas. Very interesting film and is getting alot of exposure. The statistics and facts they reveal in that film will blow most people away! I recommend this one to everyone. One of the best documentaries I've seen! :jointsmile:

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