Top Five Reasons To Get a Medical Marijuana Card

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    Top Five Reasons To Get a Medical Marijuana Card
    1) Legal Protection - If you're already using cannabis without a medical marijuana card, you are breaking both state and federal law and as such are subject to the ridiculously harsh penalties many states impose on marijuana users. Even if you're using cannabis as a legitimate treatment of disease, you are still breaking state law if you don't have a medical marijuana prescription from a licensed doctor.

    One of the best parts about being a card-carrying MMJ patient is that you are afforded full legal protection under the states medical marijuana laws. This means when you get pulled over for a routine speeding ticket and the cops ask you to search your car, you can allow them to search with no fear of being taken to jail or having your valuable medicine being confiscated. The law is on your side now, but only if you have a medical marijuana card!

    2) Marijuana is an extremely effective medicine - At this point, its hard to dispute the medicinal value of cannabis. It seems to be the only substance on Earth that can cure the painful nausea caused by chemotherapy, greatly retard the onset of blindness from glaucoma and relieve depression without destroying your bodies chemical balance - all with zero negative long-term side effects. Marijuana is a wonder drug that's been used as an effective medicine dating back at least 6,000 years.

    3) The golden ticket into medical marijuana dispensaries - Another incredibly cool thing about having your medical marijuana card is that it allows you access into medical marijuana dispensaries (aka cannabis clubs). In California alone, there are over five hundred medical marijuana dispensaries eager to serve the needs of its patients.

    Going into a medical marijuana dispensary in California is almost like going to a coffeeshop in Amsterdam. Many retailers have dozens of cannabis strains to choose from, ranging from high end buds like White Widow, AK-47 and Northern Lights to mid-range chronic, all the way down to $35 for an eighth ounce schwag. Some even offer rooms with Volcano vaporizers in them, so you can safely medicate with fellow patients.

    4) You can grow you're own - With your medical marijuana card, not only can you legally buy medical cannabis, concentrates like bubble hash and hash oil, delicious edibles, tinctures and crazy tainted sodas but you can also legally grow your own pot!

    The State of California allows any valid medical marijuana patient to have up to six mature plants growing at one time. This amount is fairly generous, considering that up to 4 lbs of dried flower can be harvested from a single 6' outdoor cannabis indica plant.

    Growing your own medical cannabis is not only fun, but also a good way to save money on medicine in this current economic recession.

    5) It's good enough for Johnny Drama, so isn't it good enough for you?

    How to get a medical marijuana card in California?
    The best way to obtain a medical marijuana card is to through the Medical Marijuana Evaluation Center (MMEC) in Southern California. With six+ location in So Cal, they are, by far and wide, the largest and most reputable provider of medical cannabis ID cards in California. Unlike some other shady places, all their doctors are pre-screened and hold valid permits to practice medicine in the state of California. In addition, MMEC offers the highest quality medical patient ID cards, so you don't have to carry around your prescription on a lamented piece of paper like most other doctors give out.

    Where to find medical marijuana in California?
    The best place to find cannabis clubs and medical marijuana dispensaries is via the non-commercial Web site, features Google Map integration (for driving directions) with reviews and a social networking community of over two thousand medical marijuana patients.
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    Thanks Galaxy

    I see you are even newer to this site than me, and already you are taking the time and effort to help others out with MMJ. People like you make this site a fun place.:stoned::stoned::stoned:

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    Illinois idiocy

    A medical marijuana card in Illinois means you will not have a drivers license if the law passes. Everyone can feel safe now.
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    ahh damn im not from america im over here for 2 months visiting family but i dont know anyone over here so i not been able to smoke a doobie for the past 3 weeks back home its ok coz i know the people to look for and i have a few contacts but over here im totally lost and i cant get a medical marijuana card :Rasta:
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    it was seriously the best decision of my life :]
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    watch out for the highway patrol, they are federal. they can and will take you to jail.
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    hi :Rasta: love to smoke weed
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    Umm, the California Highway Patrol is not a federal entity, (keyword being California). In fact, they were one of the first police organizations that as the result of a lawsuit stopped arresting medical marijuana patients. Unless you are doing something shady, or don't have your paperwork together, the CHP probably isn't going to bother you, (unless you are driving high, then you deserve to be arrested).

    I also have to point out that this thread wasn't written too well. There is a difference between having a medical marijuana state issued card and simply being a medical marijuana patient. The card is purely optional in California and not a requirement. Not having the card would not result in breaking any laws. In California all you need to be a legal medical marijuana patient is a signed letter from a qualified physician, nothing else.

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